Many metals, including silver plating, sterling silver, and palladium, have a similar appearance, that is why the jewelry will be marked to show the metal’s nature and purity. 

You can also learn about the manufacturer’s detail, thanks to these indicators. You can better comprehend the KS markings on your jewelry with the help of this article. 

What does KS 925 mean on a ring? 

The full form of KS is Kendra Scott Jewelry. Kendra Scott, a determined businesswoman, and fashion designer established the company in 2002. They sell jewelry for all occasions, including various charms and home décor items. 

Kendra Scott Jewelry is well-known for its stylishness and its one-of-a-kind items make fashion trends genuinely affordable. 925 on KS ring means that the jewelry you are holding certifies that it is made of sterling silver. 

An alloy known as sterling silver has 92.5 percent genuine silver and the remaining metal is made up of base metals like copper. This alloy was created because it is significantly harder than the 99.9% required for “fine” silver, making it better for use in practical things.  

What does 14K KS mean? 

The karat stamp is frequently used to denote the purity of the gold. In addition to the purity mark, jewelry may also bear a maker’s mark or jeweler’s stamp. These are unique engravings or stamps that the person who made the jewelry put on it.  

Like KS with a 14K stamp, which means Kendra Scott Jewelry. On the other hand, 14K stamped on it means that it contains 58.3%, or 14 parts, of pure gold combined with nickel, silver, and copper. However, these estimations can differ slightly. 

What does KS mean on chains? 

KS denotes that Kendra Scott, a versatile jewelry firm, is the owner of your jewelry item. Jewelry by Kendra Scott is created in Austin, Texas, using precious metals like gold, silver, and rhodium as well as quasi stones. 

This firm uses three dimensional designs and delicate elaboration to showcase the beauty of natural stones. The brand’s famous, distinctive pieces serve as a solid base, but it also keeps its collections current by incorporating new hues, fashion trends, and cutting-edge materials. 


Numerous jewelry marks can confuse you while buying jewelry. Above written articles and more like these can assist you with buying branded pieces of jewelry like KS. KS on a ring or bracelet means that piece of jewelry was made by Kendra Scott jewelry.  

Along with KS, you will notice other stamps like 925 and 14K. These stamps indicate its precious metal content and the percentage of gold or sterling silver present in them.

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