A maker’s mark is a form of jewelry stamp that you might come across. The maker’s mark is generally the name or identity of the jewelry’s creator. 

If you saw a piece of jewelry engraved with KC then it is a maker’s mark. This shows that that specific piece of jewelry was made by a specific craftsman. 

Maker’s marks are particularly useful in assisting historians in determining the age of a piece of jewelry. They can assist you to figure out when a piece of jewelry was made and whether it’s a vintage. Below is the complete information of KC engraved on a jewelry. 

What KC on jewelry means?

KC on jewelry means it is made by Kenneth Cole. Kenneth Cole KC was founded in 1982 and is called after its founder, Kenneth Cole.

He is a great American businessman and designer. Their jewelry is original, durable, and highly attractive. Each piece has a unique design. 

This firm specializes in the development of new bold jewelry lines. Cole introduced historic designs and the jewelry is made primarily of silver & gold-toned jewelry alloys, pearl enamel, kaleidoscopic crystals, and artistic glass. 

Kenneth Cole has kept its costs affordable so that more people can afford the high-quality silver or gold-plated jewelry with sparkly ornament. Such pieces are created and distributed across the country.

Does KC gold tarnish?

If KC gold is filled over silver or other metal it contains 5% pure gold. It is made using a heat bonding process. The gold layer is firmly bonded to the base metal by pressure and temperature. 

Gold-filled jewelry can still tarnish. But only under certain conditions, such as continuous and harsh use. The thick coat on gold-filled pieces avoids tarnishing, even though it is an alloy because pure gold does not tarnish. 

If it is plated through electroplating, then it does not bind on the metal and fades quicker than the gold-filled ones. 

What does 10 KC mean on jewelry?

10 stands for karat gold which is a mixture of 10 percent gold and 14 percent other metals like copper, zinc, silver, or nickel. And KC is an abbreviation for Kenneth Cole.

In terms of pure gold content, 10K gold contains 41.7 percent and a 58.3 percent alloy content.

The color of 10k gold is pale yellow because it includes the least quantity of gold. 10K gold jewelry is frequently engraved with a symbol like 10KT, 10K, 10kt, or in this case 10 KC. 


Jewelry engravings identify the type, quality of material, and information about its manufacturers and distributors. Each marking has its unique meaning. KC engraved on jewelry is a maker’s mark.

KC gold does not usually tarnish but that depends on whether the gold was pure or plated through different procedures.  But there is a small chance of tarnishing.

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