Different companies and brands utilize logos, signature marks, or hallmarks to represent their identity. These stamps distinguish their names and articles from the rest of the world.

The hallmarks on a jewelry item define its purity. In this article, let us study the significance of mark KA 1772 on jewelry. We will also help you understand the value of the Italy 925 KA 1772 necklace.

KARIZIA SPA is a gold and sterling silver machine-made company. It is a pure Italian-based jewelry company that laid its foundation in 1987 and produces a wide variety of 100% Made-in-Italy chains and fancy items for its huge clientele.

KA is embossed or carved on the pieces that Karizia manufactures. If you see a stamp KA 1772 on a piece of jewelry, it symbolizes the abbreviation of the company KARIZIA SPA. 

As far as the 1772 stamps are concerned, it cannot be the date of manufacturing because Italy did not appear on the map of the world until 1860. 

1772 may represent the model name of KARIZIA SPA as they have produced a series of jewelry items under this name, and you can find several jewelry items on EBAY- an online site for buying jewelry or household items.

What is the value of the Italy 925 KA 1772 necklace?

As we know, KA 1772 on jewelry refers to an Italian-based fine jewelry-making company.

The worth of KA 1772 jewelry depends mostly on the currency of the country you are going to buy. The value is US 300$, Jamaican 170$, and Chinese 27 RMB. The value is the least in Australian currency as its worth is just one dollar.

925 means that out of 1000 parts, the necklace composes 925 silver parts by weight. The necklace contains 92.5 % pure silver content (also termed as sterling silver), and the rest is alloy. KA 1772 denotes the maker’s mark and article model of Karizia Spa.

The average market value of Italian 925 sterling silver is around $16 an ounce. It is not as significant as recognizable brands such as Cartier or Van Cleef boast of the increased value. 


KA 1772 epitomizes a famous Italian jewelry-making company Karizia Spa and its model series of jewelry items under the stamp of 1772. 

Italy 925 KA 1772 necklace means Karizia Spa produces sterling silver necklaces made in Italy. The value of Italian 925 silver is lesser than well-known brands, which may be around 16%/ounce.

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