We’ve all seen K18 inscribed on the surface of most gold jewelry, yet few know what it represents. The K18 is an 18-carat gold standard that is used on gold jewelry. This stamp makes it clear that the jewelry piece is not in any manner stuffed or coated.

Considering the fact that gold may be easily replicated or gold-plated, it’s critical to understand the symbols and markings on jewelry, as they represent the authenticity and worth of that jewelry piece.

So, let’s discover more about K18 gold, including what it represents, how much it’s worth, and other relevant details.

Is K18 Gold Real?

It’s vital to keep in mind that only jewelry made entirely of precious metal is hallmarked.

Legally, gold-stuffed, plated gold, and other articles having a precious metal coating over a foundation metal core cannot be hallmarked, meaning that any jewelry piece bearing the K18 hallmark is real gold.

Although K18 gold isn’t completely pure, it has a high purity when compared with other forms of gold. 18K gold is the finest and most genuine gold after 24K gold because it is more robust and does not discolor. 

Given the fact that 18K gold is costlier than other alloys, it will be more valuable in the long run.

Furthermore, you will notice that the color of solid K18 gold will not fade. The color remains consistent and as gleaming as before overtime, indicating the gold’s authenticity. 

However, in the case when gold is coated over a non-gold metal surface, you will most likely see the color fading away over time.

What is K18 Yellow Gold?

Gold is not only yellow but also comes in a variety of hues. The hues of gold are yellow, white, and rose gold. The sole distinction between these gold colors is the metals and alloys that have been incorporated with the gold.

When we talk about yellow gold, it is the gold that has been mined directly from the earth and refined to remove impurities. To boost the hardness of a gold alloy, other metals are added.

The most significant part of K18 gold is yellow gold, with copper coming in second.

Yellow gold is the purest, making it easier for jewelers to tweak and adapt it as needed in the future.

Is 18-Karat Gold-Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?

The quantity of pure gold in a piece of gold jewelry is the most important factor in determining its value.

As we know, 18K gold contains 75% pure gold, making it a valuable commodity. Since it rates higher on the gold purity scale, it is more valuable than most other gold types.

What is the stamp for in 18K gold?

The 18k stamp on gold jewelry denotes the purity of the gold. The letter K stands for karat, which is a measure of gold purity.

As you might know that 24 carats equal 100% purity, 18K indicates that 18/24 was used in that particular piece of jewelry, suggesting that 75 % gold was used.


K18 jewelry is composed of 75% gold, making it a good alternative for those who desire pure gold. K18 gold is one of the most precious metals available, and it may be used to make rings, chains, and other jewelry pieces.

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