When a person decides to spend a lot of money on something the main priority, of course, is to determine the product’s reliability. When it comes to jewelry, design, delicateness, and elegance are quite significant.

Rings can be an ideal gift for engagement and wedding celebrations. Certain marks on the ring allow you to know about the ring. You might have come across a ring that was engraved with JTW. This article will explain in detail its meaning and value. 

What does JTW mean on a ring?

JTW can be an abbreviation for the Hatian diamond dealer or an abbreviation for Jerrid, Thelman, and Whytte, a company that makes diamond jewelry. It’s a designer label that manufactures diamond rings and other jewelry. 

The rings are made of a variety of metals, ranging from white gold to platinum and sterling silver. The designs range from delicately cut glittering diamonds to large and medium-sized pieces. They have a vast range of designs from crafted from vintage to ultra-modern.

How much is JTW ring worth? Is the JTW ring of good quality? 

Several factors influence the diamond’s quality and its worth. Carat weight, shade accuracy, cut, and diamond brightness are the most important factors. JTW ring can cost up to 49.95$.

Then JTW designers provide flawlessly cut diamond gems with exquisite designs. Every diamond and stone is evaluated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) guidelines. Weights, measurements, and estimates are all used and measured with care.


The thing to keep in mind is the abbreviations of engraving that can assist you in buying a fine quality ring. JTW engraving proves that the gemstone on a ring is diamond. 

The cost can depend on the quality of the diamond. Since it is directly proportional to the cost you are willing to pay for it. JTW provides you with the opportunity of buying a genuine diamond of various qualities.

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