Rings are admired by people as they bring out a special grace and delicateness to our hands. Their worth depends on the value of the diamond, the value of gold, and the level of customization. 

Jewelers use certain hallmarks and letters to indicate the chemical composition of the metal or the manufacturer’s name.These are usually stamped or inscribed on the piece.

Have you ever come across a ring with a stamp JTW engraved inside it but you don’t get what that means? Well, JTW is a diamond refinery located in Haiti, a country in North America.

So this hallmark is a symbol used by JTW jewelry brand to save their customers from buying fake pieces. 

Moreover, a ring designed by JTW accentuates a remarkable Modernist-promoted geometric pave design and is formed with a double halo framed center rounded rectangle and side rectangles.

What is it worth?

Rates of different articles fluctuate based on the market price, condition, and size of the ring. Pure 925 silver is an expensive resource if it’s real and pure. As it is one of the precious metals on planet earth, so holding real sterling silver is worth something. 

A JTW 925 sterling silver cluster ring is worth $95.99. Similarly, a sterling silver marquise halo cluster 96 diamond ring is worth $199.99. 


JTW is a diamond refinery based in Haiti that is known for manufacturing 925 sterling silver diamond rings. Purchasing a diamond ring from JTW would be profitable as these rings are worth $95.99.

Now that you know what’s the value and indication of a real JTW ring, you won’t be bamboozled or waste your hard-earned money while shopping for yourself or your loved ones.

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