Rings are a symbol of status or commitment to someone. Sometimes, people wear rings with stones for wealth, good luck, or to ward off evil eyes.

925 stamp on a ring denotes the purity of silver content. It refers to a sterling silver setting, i.e., 92.5% is pure silver. Since pure silver is too soft to make jewelry, so the rest is alloyed with another metal to offer durability.

JTW is a Haitian diamond dealer, and the stamp on the jewelry refers to the diamond refinery in Haiti. The dealer particularly deals with sterling silver jewelry.  

JTW 925 on a ring means it is a 92.5% pure silver ring made by JTW. The main features of JTW 925 diamond rings are double halo framed center rounded rectangle and side rectangles remarkably inspired by the Modernist geometric pavé design.

The designs and shapes vary from round to square, having cluster diamonds in several colors, such as grey, emerald, natural sapphire, blue moissanite, etc., and the rings are appropriate for any event.

What is it worth?

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The cost of JTW 925 diamond rings are estimated and approximate according to the designs, weights, and measurements. The worth starts from $25, reaching up to $620.


JTW is a Haitian diamond dealer that deals with sterling silver. 925 stamp on a ring refers to the metal purity i.e., 92.5% pure silver content in the ring, and JTW is the manufacturer. The worth varies according to the design and weight of the ring.

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