Do you own any jewelry with the letter JS engraved on it? You may be acquainted with it, but you may not understand what it means.

When looking at jewelry with bare eyes, the J letter generally indicates a J color that falls into the near-colorless area of the scale, implying that while they may have some traces of color, they appear mainly colorless.

Are J color diamonds of low quality?

The J color grade is the lowest color grade on the color scale and is considered almost colorless. To some extent, this has led to the misconception that J color diamonds have a visible hue that makes them less attractive than diamonds of higher color grades.

The truth is that a high-quality, well-cut J color diamond may look gorgeous in a diamond ring or other piece of jewelry while spending substantially less than a nearly comparable diamond with a higher color grade.

What are J color diamonds good for?

The jewelry with J engraved on it can be a great choice in certain situations; for example, a diamond from James Allen is stunning and will look perfect in certain engagement rings. 

J diamonds are also more noticeable in some placements and metals than others. Metals like rose and yellow gold, for example, will both transmit part of their color into a diamond, making it appear somewhat yellower than it is.

Choosing a J color diamond for a yellow or rose gold set is a wise choice due to the effect these metals have on a diamond.


Diamonds of J color range may be incredibly gorgeous. Depending on the cut quality, clarity, and carat weight of the diamond, choosing the J color grade can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing a brilliant-cut diamond for your jewelry.

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