Do you love wearing figural jewelry? Figural jewelry depicts humans, animals, and objects in attractive, imaginative ways.

If you admire figural jewelry, you have certainly seen the JJ mark in front of your piece, along with a conventional copyright symbol, but you might not know what it implies. Let us have a look at what it means.

What does JJ mean on jewelry?

The letters JJ stamped on your jewelry pieces represent the Jonette Jewelry Company.

The firm was founded in the 1940s by two siblings who wanted to commemorate their parents by combining their names to form Jonette. Jonette makes costume jewelry, with a focus on lovely figural.

The prominence of figural jewelry skyrocketed in the 1970s, thanks largely to firms like Jonette. Many Jonette brooches from this time are pewter and bear the JJ mark with the copyright sign.

Jonette debuted its Artifacts collection of figural jewelry in 1986. Brooches by Jonette Artifacts have grown quite popular. The letters “JJ” were still visible on these brooches.

The JJ hallmark is relatively easy to recognize, although there are a few minor differences in the mark, such as whether it comes with or without periods and with or without the crossbar above the letters.

A large number of customers admire and wear jewelry marked with JJ. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings also are produced by the Jonette firm. As a result, you could stumble across some additional JJ-stamped vintage jewelry pieces.


The mark JJ on jewelry represents the Jonette Jewelry Company that creates appealing jewelry pieces, especially brooches. 

You can easily find the JJ jewelry in the resale market, and pricing may be quite inexpensive.

JJ is an excellent deal and an affordable way to start a costume jewelry collection since the most contemporary pieces can be bought even if you have a very limited budget.

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