JED is a trademark by JOSEPH E. DEMARCO, INC. and M. Arthur Auslander is the correspondent of the JED trademark.

The JED registration was filed on Wednesday, August 29, 1990, by a U.S. federal trademark, and the USPTO granted the serial number 74092333 to the JED trademark.

The description of the JED trademark file lies in the category of jewelry products since USPTO received the description of far-reaching products such as rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made of precious metals.

The stamp of JED on a ring is a maker’s mark for JED Group, LLC of New York. It means that the beautiful masterpiece is the creation of JOSEPH E. DEMARCO, INC. They maintain their vintage jewelry to keep its original patina leaving it to your discretion.

The designer produces stunning gold vermeil rings, 10K rings with CZ stones, True Art Deco Cougar 14k ring in yellow Gold Diamond, and Emerald leopard rin.

What is its worth?

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The huge range of rings is made with different materials like sterling silver 925, 10K, and 14k yellow gold. The ring worth depends upon its weight and measurement along with the gemstones in it.

E.G., a vintage ring marked with JED, DQ 14k Yellow Gold Marquise CZ Solitaire weighs 3.7 grams and measuring approximately 15mm x 7.75 mm is worth the U.S. $499.95.


JED is the trademark of Joseph E Demarco INC., and the file is registered by the U.S. federal trademark registration. 

They produce exceptional vintage 925 sterling silver, CZ 10K rings, and 14k rings in yellow gold, and the worth depends upon the weight and measurement.

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