What does HCT 925 Italy mean on jewelry?

HCT is the mark of a Floridian Jewelry company called Harrcourt Inc which was established in 2005.

They quickly rose in the market and made a reputation for themselves by providing some of the most glamorous and unique pieces to their customers.

Harrcourt Inc does a wonderful job is manufacturing beautiful jewelry pieces which are of great value and also very long-lasting.

The 925 Italy label on the jewelry is usually an indication of the percentage of real silver used to make the piece followed by the country of origin.

For example, if there is a necklace that has HCT 925 Italy imprinted on it, that would be the marker that would show the customers that this particular piece is from the collection of Harrcourt Inc and was manufactured in Italy.

The number is always reflective of how much sterling Silver was used to making the piece. If the necklace has 925 written on it, then it has 92.5 percentage of sterling silver which automatically raises its value because it denotes that only 7.5 percent of some other silver alloy was used in its process of manufacturing.

These numbers on any piece of jewelry are generally imprinted to show the purity of the metal used to make it. In the example stated above, the metal used would be silver, specifically sterling silver.

What is H 925 jewelry?

H on the jewelry means the particular piece belongs to the collection of jewelers whose initials are the letter H. Most of the time, such initials on the jewelry piece are just a reflection of the brand under whose name the piece was manufactured.

Since there are many famous brands who are in the practice of doing so, their pieces are easily identifiable such as Tiffany. However, other small brands which follow the same practice may not be very easy to locate or identify.

The initial H hence could be of any specific small brand. This information, in the case of initials, is usually engraved to inform the customers of the correct value. It is used as a tool by the customers to estimate the value of the piece.

The same goes with the number 925 which is imprinted on pieces of jewelry as well and it shows the purity of the sterling silver used.

Sterling silver is considered to be one of the most desirable options for jewelry designers because it is relatively easy to curate than pure silver. Not only this but sterling silver is also more durable and lasts a lot longer than pure silver.

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