What does GS mean on silver Jewelry?

GS on silver jewelry is referred to as a gold shell. This means that the piece of jewelry is gold-plated and is actually made out of sterling silver.

This mark of GS is usually engraved on the pieces of jewelry purchased to let the customers know that they are not purchasing real gold but instead just silver jewelry.

Since there is just a thin layer of gold on the silver jewelry, it can be said that the piece is not extremely valuable and is sold for a relatively low price than actual gold.

GS is not to be confused by GF because the latter means gold filled and indicates that the jewelry is actually made of gold rather than just layered with it.

Gold-filled pieces are a bit more expensive than gold shell pieces due to the reasons stated above.

In some cases, gold shell jewelry may also have a base of copper hence the price of it would be even less. It is imperative to realize the difference in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding while purchasing jewelry.

What is GS Jewelry?

GS means gold shell in the context of jewelry. This mark is usually imprinted on different pieces of jewelry and showcase that the said piece is not made of actual gold but instead just coated with it.

It is very important to understand that GS jewelry is not coated with real gold metal but instead artificial and it is priced accordingly as well. In more cases than not, this GS mark is present on pieces of jewelry that are made from sterling silver.

This type of silver is considered to be the best for jewelry making because it is relatively more durable and long-lasting than pure silver. Moreover, it is also easier for jewelry makers to carve different pieces out of sterling silver rather than the pure one.

Very less people are aware of the difference between actual gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry. One way to differentiate between them is to check the price difference between them.

Sterling silver is comparatively cheaper than real gold meaning that any gold-plated jewelry piece would cost a lot less than a real gold piece.

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