Jewelry pieces are stamped with markings called a hallmark. It serves as your assurance of quality and is there to protect consumers. A quality mark provides information regarding metal content of the jewelry item and the company that manufactured it. 

On the item, the mark is typically imprinted or inscribed. The meaning of quality marks found on jewelry and other products is incredibly ambiguous. 

It can confuse you when you’re buying jewelry. To assist you with these hallmarks we have collected the necessary information about GND mark on rings. 

Is 10K GND real gold? 

Before learning about the authenticity of GND gold, it is necessary to learn about GND. GND is a hallmark. It’s an abbreviation for Gold-N-Diamond. 

A GND ring with a 10K stamp is a genuine gold jewelry. 10 karat yellow gold is thought to be solid gold because it comprises 41.7 percent pure gold. The fact that 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals make up 10k gold is significant. 

58.3% of 10k gold is typically made up of alloys and mixed metals. Among the extra metals present in 10k gold are zinc, palladium, silver, copper, and nickel. 

What does GND mean on gold jewelry? 

Jewelry with quality stamps infroms the wearer about the metal content and chemical make-up of the accessory. They justify a piece of jewelry’s particular value. Manufacturing companies also use the stamp on their piece of jewelry.  

GND on gold jewelry means that it belongs to a famous company named Gold-N-Diamonds. It is a sign of a reputable corporation when GND is inscribed within a ring. It is a logo that belongs to Gold-N-Diamonds. The GND is famous for diamond jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer.

What does GND 925 mean on jewelry? 

Gold-N-Diamonds are referred to as GND. However, 925 indicates that the jewelry you are wearing or considering to purchase is composed of sterling silver.  

92.5 percent of the alloy known as sterling silver is formed of silver, with other components including copper and other metals. 

In the vast majority of sterling silver items, copper is employed as an alloying ingredient. But a wide range of other alloys can be utilized because they adhere to the sterling requirement. 


A well-known jewelry business, GND, marks their gold jewelry with the letter K, which stands for karate, and their sterling silver jewelry with the number 925. 

Understanding these symbols is crucial so that you can identify the brand and metal you are purchasing while looking for the ideal piece of jewelry.

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