As you know, gold and silver jewelry items retain some stamps that refer to their place of origin, manufacturers, and purity. These marks also indicate whether the item is gold, silver, or other metal.

In this article, we have enlightened the meaning of GM and its significance in making jewelry. We also help people know the difference between stamping G on gold and silver ornaments.

What does GM mean on jewelry?

The letters GM refer to different things when you see them carved on gold or silver jewelry. According to, GM is an abbreviation of Gunmetal Plated, and it stands for black plating over a base metal.

A GM stamp may also indicate the manufacturer’s mark as it represents the company G.M. Pollack and Sons, who created it.

More generally speaking, the letters GM on jewelry typically indicates grams. It is a reference to indicate the quantity of gold used in that piece of jewelry.

What does 925 GM mean?

925 typically refers to the silver content in silver jewelry. The 925 GM means that the item is silver, not gold, and gm refers to the gram.

What does the G stamp mean on gold?

Jewelers employ several stamps to signify the types of metal used in that item. G is a hallmark referring to the authenticity of a specific gold item. G and P letter refers to the gold plated item and GF stands for gold-filled.

According to The UK Hallmarking Act, 1973, gram quantity is required to be stamped on all gold items over one gram (1g) that otherwise may signify simulated jewelry.

For example, if you witness a stamp G 14k on a gold article, it symbolizes that the item is gold, and 14k indicates its purity strengths.

What does G mean on a silver ring?

G stamp on a silver ring symbolizes German silver, which is another name for the alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc. It is also termed nickel silver despite the fact that it does not contain any silver at all.


It is inevitable for the manufacturers to carve stamps on gold and silver jewelry items to denote their purity and genuineness, according to The UK Hallmarking Act (1973). 

G represents different notions on gold and silver jewelry. On gold, G determines the authenticity of gold, while on silver jewelry, it depicts German silver meaning it is alloyed with other metal containing no silver content.

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