The term “Gap” on clothes typically refers to the fashion brand “Gap.” Gap is a well-known American retail clothing company that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. 

The brand is known for its casual and comfortable style, featuring classic designs and quality craftsmanship. 

The word “Gap” is often used as the logo or brand name on clothing items and is recognized globally.

Gap has established itself as a popular and accessible fashion brand with a diverse product line, including jeans, t-shirts, dresses, outerwear, and more.

What Is Gap Short For?

The term “Gap” is not an acronym or an abbreviation. “Gap” is simply the name of the company. It does not stand for any specific words or phrases. 

The brand was founded in 1969 and named “Gap” as a reference to the generation gap, reflecting the desire to bridge the gap between generations and offer fashion that is inclusive and appeals to a wide range of people.

What Does Gap Logo Mean?

The Gap logo is a simple, iconic design that has evolved over the years. The current Gap logo features the brand name “Gap” written in bold, capitalized letters with a small blue square placed to the right of the letter “p.”

The square is typically referred to as the “blue box.” The Gap logo has gone through several iterations since the brand’s inception. In the past, the logo featured a blue square with the word “Gap” inside it. 

However, in 2010, Gap attempted to change its logo to a new design that received significant criticism and backlash from the public. As a result, the company quickly reverted to its classic blue box logo.

The meaning behind the Gap logo is primarily associated with simplicity, clarity, and recognition. The clean and straightforward design is intended to make the brand easily identifiable and memorable. 

The blue box has become a distinctive element of the Gap logo and is often used as a recognizable symbol on its own.


The Gap logo is a recognizable and iconic design featuring the brand name “Gap” in bold, capitalized letters accompanied by a small blue square known as the “blue box.” 

While the logo has undergone various iterations over the years, including a brief controversial change in 2010, the classic blue box design has remained a distinctive symbol for the Gap brand.

The Gap logo signifies simplicity, clarity, and recognition, with its clean and straightforward aesthetic aiming to make the brand easily identifiable to consumers.

It serves as a visual representation of Gap’s commitment to offering accessible and timeless fashion. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult Gap’s official website or other reliable sources.