Francis Douglas was a silversmith and jeweler who operated a company under his own name in London, England during the 19th century. 

His company produced a variety of silverware and jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

If you have a piece of jewelry that is marked with “FD” along with a hallmark indicating it was made in London during the 19th century by his company. 

They made many pieces of jewelry and “FD 925” was one of them, FD is the initials of his name or company marked on the jewelry and 925 means that the piece is made of sterling silver. 

What Does FD 925 Mean On A Silver Ring?

FD 925 on a silver ring typically means that the ring is made of sterling silver, which is a type of silver alloy that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The “925” is a common hallmark used to indicate the silver content of the piece. 

The letters “FD” is the maker’s mark or the designer’s mark, which is a unique identifier used by the jeweler Francis Douglas who created the piece.

It’s important to note that different jewelers may use different markings, so it’s always best to do some research on the specific brand or maker to determine the exact meaning of the markings on your jewelry.

What Is It Worth?

The value of FD jewelry, or any piece of jewelry for that matter, depends on various factors such as the age, condition, quality of materials, rarity, and historical significance of the piece. 

If you have a specific piece of FD jewelry that you would like to value, You should consult with a professional appraiser or a reputable jeweler who specializes in antique or vintage jewelry. They can examine the piece and provide you with an expert opinion on its value.

Is It Of Good Quality?

If the jewelry piece is marked with “FD 925,” it typically means that it is made of sterling silver, which is a high-quality and durable material. Sterling silver is a popular choice for jewelry making due to its durability, affordability, and attractive appearance.

It’s worth noting that the quality of a piece of jewelry also depends on other factors such as the design, craftsmanship, and quality of any additional materials, such as gemstones or other precious metals.

What Does FD 925 CN Mean On Jewelry?

The “925” hallmark is a common marking used to indicate the silver content of the jewelry, while the letters “FD” may refer to the maker’s mark or the designer’s mark, indicating the identity of the company or individual who made the piece.

The letters “CN” often found alongside the 925 hallmark indicate that the jewelry was made in China. Chinese jewelry manufacturers frequently use the CN marking to indicate the country of origin.


The “FD 925” marking on jewelry represents a combination of the maker’s mark and the metal content of the piece.

Understanding the meaning behind these markings can help you determine the authenticity and value of your jewelry piece, and it’s always best to consult with a professional jeweler or appraiser if you have any questions or concerns.

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