What does 925 FB mean On Jewelry?

FB stands for Francois Borgel. He was a businessman and designer belonging to Geneva. He was very creative and designed various pieces of jewelry which is why his initials are signed inside every one of them.

He continued to design various beautiful pieces of jewelry including watch cases and necklaces throughout his life. If a ring has any numerical digits imprinted on it, they are usually an indicator that the material from which the ring is made is Sterling Silver.

If a ring has 925 FB engraved on it, that means that the ring is made up of 92.5 percent of pure silver. Even if a piece of jewelry is gold plated, it means that below that thin gold plate is Sterling Silver.

Francois Borgel was a brand that was one of the first to acquire a Swiss patent for watch cases and later expanded to other accessories like brooches and pendants. Being a very old brand, every piece which has FB engraved on it is advertised as traditional and vintage hence adding to its appeal even further.

A 925 FB piece of jewelry is reflective of the fact that it is largely made from Silver with a very small percentage of alloys used hence it is more long-lasting.

What does 585 FB mean?

FB is a brand name after the designer Francois Borgel who was passionate about jewelry and owned a successful business of producing, designing, and manufacturing attractive pieces of jewelry.

There are still many pieces of jewelry that have FB engraved on them indicating that they are vintage in nature and are from the designs of the famous designer Francois Borgel. Besides FB, there is usually a number written which reflects the percentage of pure silver used to produce the piece.

This means that if there is a ring with 585 FB imprinted on the inside, it is showcasing that 58.5 percent of pure silver was used to make it while the other 41.5 percent were other alloys.

Sterling Silver is considered better than normal silver for jewelry making because it is harder and more durable at the same time.

There are many FB products still in the jewelry industry and due to the lack of extensive manufacturing, they are considered vintage and are usually sold with that label as well.

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