Stamps are engraved to indicate whether the jewelry composes gold, silver, or other materials. These also symbolize the maker’s mark or fineness of the jewelry item. 

In this article, we will know what FAS mean on jewelry. Gold ornaments are classified in terms of karats. These contain stamps with a unique shaved-off corner. On the contrary, silver jewelry is denoted by an oval stamp. 

What does FAS (FA8) mean on jewelry? 

As far the research is concerned FAS is not used on gold pieces. FAS stamp on jewelry may indicate a company- Fantastic Antique Silver, known for creating and designing silver jewelry.

But usually, the stamp FAS denotes fused alloy silver, meaning that a piece of sterling silver jewelry is bonded with an alloy. FAS 925 stamp specifies the jewelry is 92.5 % silver, and the remaining is infused silver alloy.

What do 825 FAS mean on jewelry?

The composition of Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. The stamp of 825 indicates that the jewelry does not hold the same value. Instead, it retains lesser composition and is classified as antique jewelry. 

Is Thai ring the same as sterling silver?

Silver consists of 1000 haired-thin sheets of silver. Sterling silver jewelry is 92.5% pure silver, while the Thai silver ring of Thailand consists of 97.5-99% pure silver. 

Thai ring refers to the handcrafted made silver jewelry worn by the exotic native tribal people of northern Thailand. If 925 or more sheets are pure silver-made then it is considered sterling. 

Usually, sterling silver is solid and more likely to tarnish due to alloy with other metals, especially copper content that turns darker when they come in contact with the moisture in the air. 

Thai ring differs due to the high Silver content making it softer. Thai Silver ring is made by using fine silver content that makes it appear unique and less probable to wear off its polish.


Silver and gold jewelry items contain several stamps to help buyers know the worth of these ornaments. FAS 925 represents sterling silver, meaning out of 1000 sheets of silver, it comprises 92.5% pure silver content infused with alloy. 

FAS 825 denotes lesser silver content in the jewelry, meaning it has a smaller value than sterling silver and is termed antique jewelry.

Thai silver ring is more fine silver than sterling due to its enriched composition of silver ranging from 97.5%-99% pure silver. The brightness lasts longer and does not tarnish like sterling silver.

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