Have you ever come across a ring with EW written inside it while shopping? But you don’t get what’s its importance. This article has been written to provide you with precise information about EW rings. EW stands for East-West diamond set on a ring.

This is a unisex style of ring for both genders. Many jewelry brands deliver rings with this setting as it has caught the attention of several people eager to express their sense of expression with a remarkable engagement ring.

These rings are admired by people because they are different, clean, and modern looking.

What is an East-West diamond setting?

In the East-West diamond setting, particular diamond cuts such as emerald, pear, oval and marquise cut diamonds are given a fresh stance. This is done by simply turning the stones on their side. 

Diamond or gemstone is positioned in an unconventional orientation, mostly horizontal on the right band. These shapes maximize the carat weight at any size so, they look even more substantial. 

There are numerous reasons why this kind of diamond setting is on-demand nowadays. Firstly, it looks stylish and delicate. Secondly, it’s versatile, more casual and wearable for every day. Moreover, these diamond rings last a lifetime or at least a few decades. 

What is it worth?

The worth of an east-west diamond ring depends on the carat. The price of a normal ring starts from $590 to $1500. These rings are very popular among celebrities and are praised due to their distinctive diamond setting.


EW rings have a unique diamond arrangement, in which the diamond is given a neat perspective by turning the jewels on its sides. After getting this beneficial information about east-west diamond rings, continue shopping for your next jewelry item.

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