There are certain hallmarks engraved on jewelry pieces by their manufacturers to inform the consumers about their composition and their manufacturers. You must have seen Edco or EDC being written on rings and other pieces of jewelry while shopping.

This article is intended to provide you with detailed information regarding these marks to help you make informed purchase decisions. 

EDCO is the hallmark carved by a costume jewelry company in California on their creations. This world-class vendor is known for supplying branded souvenirs and accessories to entertainment and destination firms around the world. 

This company started working in the United States in 1954. They inscribe EDCO along with the Karat percentage usually inside the band of their rings as the confirmation of the ring being real. They ship most of their jewelry on cruise ships. 

What does EDC mean on a ring?

EDC on a ring indicates that it is from Elizabeth Diamond Company which is based in Dayton USA. The company came into being in 2001 and has been sculpting jewelry trends in the US and Europe since then. 

Sonu Misra, their president along with its team has earned a decent reputation among the clients that praise the fine workmanship of leading designers. 

The company has in stock a finger-worn tool ring that is designed to do every task. You can open bottles and boxes, tighten screws and even sign documents while wearing it.

Furthermore, a vast collection of stainless steel self-defense survival rings, titanium rings, and smart rings are also offered by them. 

Is it worth anything?

Yes, the EDC ring costs $35 to the consumers. It is an incredible everyday carry ring and is way more economical than a diamond ring. 


EDCO and EDC are the names of the manufacturing firms stamped into gold, silver, and platinum items.

EDCO on a ring implies that the ring has been manufactured by the EDCO company located in California. Whereas, EDC is an abbreviation of Elizabeth Diamond Company known in the world for its expert design and services in the US and Europe. 

EDC rings are preferred by customers due to their reasonable prices and multiple functionalities such as tightening screws, self-defense, performing operations, and sharing data.

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