Some rings have special marks and symbols that serve to outline the information of the piece. These hallmarks indicate the manufacturer’s name, weight, or karat of the gold. Most consumers are concerned about the significance of cop 88, 85, and 83 on a ring.

If you are one of those who are not aware of the meanings of these markings, then this article will answer your queries.

The cop is a hallmark engraved inside rings by Castings on Parade Inc. This is a jewelry manufacturing firm and is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What does 88 mean on jewelry?

The eighty-eight is a branded and patented diamond. It features eight sides having 88 facets instead of the normal 58 facets forming an octagon. Every diamond acquires multiple facets that absorb and reflect light.  

What does 85 mean on a gold chain?

Different numbers stamped on jewelry indicate the percentage of purity of gold, platinum, and silver. Similarly, 85 inscribed on a gold chain implies that it is composed of 85% pure platinum and the gold chain has been tested and classed as 14 carats.

This kind of gold provides the best assortment of rich colors, good stability, and affordability. 

What does 83 mean on a ring?

Some large corporate jewelers stamp carat weights inside the ring. 83 refers to the karat weight of the gold ring. In the United States, a seller must stamp a marking on the gold jewelry that demonstrates the item’s carat number. 


Hallmark determines the purity of gold. Cop refers to the Corporation involved in its manufacturing that is Casting on Parade in Albuquerque. 88 diamond is unique as it forms 88 facets. Whereas, 85 and 83 imply the carat weight and purity of the platinum.

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