If you have an interest in wearing and buying real jewelry pieces then you might have seen a ring and other pieces of jewelry with certain types of marks engraved on them. Various pieces have different values.

One frequently asked question of jewelery purchasers is what’s the meaning of CN on a ring. This article has been written to provide you with all the relevant information about the significance of CN on jewelry. 

What does CN mean in jewelry?

The letters CN engraved on jewelry indicate that it was designed by China whether it’s a sterling silver piece or pure gold.

In China’s jewelry sector, gold items play a significant role by generating more than half of the total profit followed by diamonds, jade, platinum, and silver. 

What does CN D stand for on a ring?

CN D is a stamp used for pieces that are made by Chinese companies and are traded all over the world. Whereas, D implies Solitaire Diamond usually referring to some carat or stone weight. 

What does CN 925 mean on a ring?

The 925 stamp specifies that the ring you have bought has been formulated with sterling silver in China. Sterling silver constitutes 92.5% pure silver and 7.2% base metals like copper. 

What does IBB CN mean with no numbers?

IBB is an international network of organizations having over 35 years of experience in delivering gold, silver, and diamond jewelry throughout the world. The enterprise started its operations in 1974 and has been designing, manufacturing, and trading jewelry since then.

It stands for International Bullion and Metal Brokers and the stamp demonstrates that the metal fulfills the IBB standards. And CN is a symbol for China. 


Numerous markings denote different meanings on jewelry pieces. CN is a mark engraved by the Chinese jewelry designers to ensure that the particular piece has been manufactured in their country.

Likewise, if the item is composed of sterling silver it should have 925 stamps endorsed on it which confirms the article has 92.5% pure silver content. 

There are specific ways through which you can easily find out the confirmed value of the piece and where it was created. So, it would be convenient for you to purchase original rings for yourself and your loved ones.

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