Jewelry is often made from gold, silver, and base metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum. It is a symbol of authority, fidelity, or social status.

You have likely noticed that costly jewelry items have stamps or marks on them like CH. Marking jewelry, coins, and even kitchen items has been a ritual from ancient times. Therefore, precious metal items have often been objects of forgery and fraud.

Usually, the symbol on the jewelry is placed on its inside side. It can be pretty small, therefore a magnifying glass is used to see it precisely. Sometimes, the symbol can be a letter, several letters, numbers, or even a combination of letters or numbers.

What does CH stamped on jewelry mean?

The ch is the maker’s imprint. It reveals that the jewelry has been concocted by the British jeweler Charles Horner operating out of Halifax UK.

His business came into being in the 1860s and was based at 23 Northgate, Halifax. It generated silver jewelry and ornaments. 

Among its well-known jewelry lines were enameled art Nouveau pendants and necklaces, twisted silver wire, and silver hatpins.

What does C stamped on jewelry mean?

C stamped on jewelry stands for Copyright. This was inaugurated after the 1950s so jewelry designers could copyright their stuff and be identified as artists. C stamped on jewelry can indicate different meanings depending upon the type of jewelry.

If C has been stamped on silver jewelry, it means that sterling silver is an alloy that is made of 92.5% actual silver, with the rest of the metal made up of base metals like Copper.

If C is endorsed on gold jewelry, that means karat. It implies the amount of gold in a particular item. Moreover, C inscribed on a diamond demonstrates the cut, clarity color, and carat. 

What does su ch mean?

The most common trademarks on jewelry are used to identify things like carat weights, manufacturer, jeweler, or designer.

Su is most likely the distributor’s mark. Su stamped on a sterling silver piece means it is from Italy. Likewise, ch stands for “Chapa” meaning plated in Spanish.

With over 45 years of designing experience, Chapa employs modern and remarkable jewelry techniques that ensure quality and standard.

They manufacture women’s jewelry, men’s rings, diamond jewelry, color gemstones, western designs, and coin jewelry. Classic Western influences make his jewelry glorious and aesthetically pleasing.


After concentrating on jewelry stamp meanings, you can become more knowledgeable about how rings and jewelry are categorized and identified. Understanding what the stamp means will guide you when shopping for varied kinds of jewelry.

You can be perplexed because sometimes different markings on the jewelry mean the same thing, and it can fool the inexperienced buyer. So, you should take a good look at the markings.

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