If you are a regular buyer of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry you must be familiar with some common markings or letters on these items. The stamps denote three things i.e., the goldsmith, the purity, and the company logo.

Some stamps are unique that laymen cannot understand without keen knowledge about a particular item, such as the notion of cc appears somewhat odd for a novice.

In this article, we are going to study the meaning of CC on jewelry. We will help you know about the cc diamond and the significance of cc on silver jewelry. Like other marks, CC denotes the trademark or maker of that piece of jewelry. 

What does silver cc mean?

CC silver denotes Carson City silver coins that symbolize the time of massive gold and silver boom in the U.S, making them the most sought-after coins for their numismatic value.

Carson City is the capital of the U.S. state of Nevada, and it opened its first pressed coin with a CC mintmark in 1870. They aim to make gold and silver metal coins and transform them into currency so that they do not have to be traveled so far.

Later, the government ceased the operation of pressing coins in Carson City, but the U.S coin collectors highly value the silver coins from the Carson City Mint having a CC mintmark due to their collectible value.

According to the U.S. Mint 4, the Carson City Silver Dollar or the Morgan Silver Dollar was the most commonly pressed coin and quite valuable.  

If a collector bought an MS-68 silver coin, for example, a million dollars in 2013. The value increases by more than 900,000 from the coin’s original face value of $1.

What is a CC diamond?

CC diamond means it is not real instead, it is cubic zirconium. CC diamond or Cubic zirconia is a less expensive synthetic gemstone made of zirconium dioxide mineral. It appears much like a diamond but has different characteristics and mineral structures.

Cubic zirconia is colorless without having any hues present in the stone. Its color resembles a diamond with the highest color grade. 

You can distinguish a diamond from cubic zirconia by looking at the sparkles the stone produces as soon as light enters it. If the stone shows a dot when you put it on paper and look inside it from the pointed edge, it indicates that this is a CC diamond.


CC stamps on jewelry denote some maker’s mark that is most probably an unregistered company. 

Silver cc refers to Carson City Silver dollar, also known as Morgan Silver. These coins were very valuable in the US Nevada due to their numismatic value after establishing the first coin pressing operation in 1870. 

CC silver commands a high premium among collectors as they are rare and have high face value. 

CC diamonds or cubic zirconium represent a fake diamond that appears real but has a different mineral structure. CC diamonds are man-made gemstones made from zirconium dioxide.

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