A Maker’s Mark is a one-of-a-kind mark placed on jewelry and timepieces to prove the manufacturer’s legitimacy. These stamps usually contain the manufacturer’s initials, name, or another distinguishing mark.  

The first step in estimating the worth of a piece of jewelry is to locate this mark. Some countries, in addition to maker’s marks, demand hallmarks, which are issued by the country where the manufacturing took place. 

If you came across a ring engraved with BZ. Then that means it is made in Bolzano, Italy. Below is in-detail information about jewelry from Bolzano.  

What is its worth?  

Bolzano rings are petite, innovative, and one-of-a-kind design masterpieces. They are manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and certified gemstones. 

All of their jewelry is made by hand. Bolzano jewelry has exquisite elements such as diamond-cut rings with visually beautiful geometric lines. 

Other pieces use classic symbols and designs to pay homage to Italy’s long and rich heritage. Bolzano gold jewelry features fine artistry and timeless design elements that complement a variety of personal styles.  

BZ gold rings differ in price from other countries. Custom duties and other taxes imposed on imported gold are frequently the cause of price differences. The differences in pricing are due to the craftsmanship and aesthetic features. 

Another reason behind BZ rings being expensive is the exceptional quality of its jewelry. Gold jewelry created in Bolzano, Italy, is worth a lot of money, and it costs more than other types of gold jewelry from other regions of the world, due to the distinctive branding. 


Rings stamped with BZ indicate their origin. BZ means Bolzano which is a city in Italy. The worth of these rings depends on the use of metal and gemstones. Jewelry from Bolzano is quite expensive due to taxes and the quality of gold used in jewelry.

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