Gold jewelry letter markings reveal important details about the piece, such as the metal composition, carat purity, and more. These trademarks can also help you figure out who made your item and when it was made. 

Whether you collect fine jewelry or amusing costume jewelry, you’ll notice that practically every piece in your collection bears a mark. In this artivle, we have gathered information about B-marked jewelry. 

What does B on a jewelry mean?

B on jewelry can mean two things. It might belong to Mexico and your piece of jewelry is antique. The second is that your jewelry is bonded. The phrase “bonding” refers to the process of fusing gold and sterling silver into a single piece.  

This will have the appearance and feel of gold but will be available at a lower price. Gold-plated jewelry is not the same as gold bonded jewelry. Gold bonded jewelry is created by wrapping one or more solid gold sheets around a base metal under extreme pressure.  

Gold-filled jewelry, unlike gold-plated jewelry, contains a commonly quantifiable amount of genuine gold. Some gold-filled jewelry has a thicker layer of gold than gold-plated jewelry. 

What does B on a gold jewelry mean?

B on gold jewelry means that your piece of jewelry is gold-filled or bonded-gold. Gold-filled jewelry has about 100 times the amount of gold as gold-plated jewelry. It won’t rub off since the gold is mechanically linked to the base rather than plated.  

The gold used is typically 14k gold, but it can also be 12k gold. Because of the method, it is made, gold-filled has several limits; it’s only accessible in wire or sheet form, so it can’t be molded or poured into the mold. 

What is its worth?

Gold-filled jewelry, in theory, can last a lifetime. In practice, the length of time it will last will be determined by how you care for it and a range of other circumstances. 

For a long time, 14k gold bonded materials are not intended to tarnish. Although gold fill can tarnish under certain conditions it should not tarnish quickly. This jewelry is inexpensive and depending on the coating and gemstone, you can find a perfect piece for as little as $5 to $50. 


B marked on jewelry can be an antique piece or that piece of jewelry is gold filled. If gold jewelry is marked ‘B’ then it surely means that your piece of jewelry is not gold-plated but rather gold-filled and this process is also known as gold bonding.  

Bonded gold jewelry is affordable since it’s not real gold. But it does look as elegant as real gold jewelry.

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