Jewelry is a joy to wear, it has enduring value and connects people across generations. Buying a piece of jewelry is a complicated task as it contains quality and material differences recognized through engravings.

The jewelry manufacturers inscribe marks and stamps on gold and diamond jewelry to give the wearer important information about their jewelry and its value. 

If you buy a bracelet or a ring with an AV stamp carved on it then you must be eager to learn its importance. This article is intended to answer all the repeatedly asked questions regarding this.

What does AV mean in jewelry?

AV is one of the import marks that were used from 1867 until 1922. AV stands for Auslandsverkehr which means foreign goods. So, it is a maker’s mark that implies the jewelry was manufactured in foreign countries. 

If AV is stamped on gold jewelry, then this stands for karat plumb and is a certification that it is at least the karat marked or better.

What does AV in a ring mean?

The marks stamped inside a ring ensure the authenticity of the manufacturer. Diamond wishbone rings feature a distinctive V shape that represents luck and love. The ring is usually worn with the V shape pointing towards the knuckle.

Av endorsed on a diamond ring reflects the authenticity of the diamond contained inside the silver ring. It is a special ring. When this particular ring and another are placed together, it turns the wearer into a mermaid man and barnicle boy superheroes.

What is AV 925 on jewelry?

AV 925 is a trademark by SKF International Incorporation. It indicates that the jewelry articles such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants comprise 925 parts of silver. 925 means sterling silver.

The pure silver is too soft to be used by itself in the creation of jewelry, it is always mixed with other metals to formulate a more reliable and shinier alloy. 925 simply means that the metal is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals often copper and nickel.

What does V stamped on jewelry mean?

If jewelry is marked with V, it stands for Vermeil. It is a piece of sterling silver topped off with gold plating. On a gold ring, the letter V will tells about the date it was hallmarked. Whereas V on silver stands for Edward VINCENT.


When purchasing a jewelry item you may find certain marks such as AV, AV 925 or V on rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. On most quality jewelry, the specifications of your jewelry will appear as a hallmark or stamp.

AV stamp has different meanings on different kinds of jewelry. AV on jewelry represents the manufacturer’s imprint, whereas AV on a ring tells about the special characters of a ring.

You can be bewildered because sometimes the same markings on different materials have distinct meanings. So, you should take a good look at the markings after getting beneficial information from this article. 

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