Gold makes an unconquerable impression when given to anybody. It denotes wealth as permanence and a gift for all time to be passed down. It is a gift that is not ignored but rather becomes the heritage that lasts forever.

You might have explored some marks such as AU on jewelry items while shopping. But you are not aware of its meaning. The most common marks or trademark stamps are used to specify things like metals, carat weights, manufacturer, jeweler, or designer.

We have assembled all the crucial information about the meaning of au on different jewelry items to assist you.

Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic table of the elements. It stands for Aurum, which is a Latin word for gold. Its yellowish radiance makes it a desirable metal to use in jewelry and its resistance to corrosion makes it promising. 

Therefore, it means that the jewelry piece with a stamp au is composed of gold.

What does AU mean on a gold chain?

AU on a gold chain means that the chain has been prepared using real gold, it is not just gold-plated or gold-filled.

Gold on jewelry is marked in numbers, for instance, if it’s 14 karats it could be marked 14k or 583 where the second number indicates the percentage of pure gold in the gold chain.

As gold is a chemical element with atomic number 79. In a pure form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal.

What does AU stamp mean on jewelry?

As we know that AU is the symbol for gold on the periodic table and 750 means the jewelry is 18 karat gold. So, this stamp is just another way of demonstrating that the jewelry is 18k gold.

Is AU real gold?

Yes, AU is real gold, not gold-plated. It is a soft yellow element and is a good thermal and electrical conductor. Its atomic weight is 196.967. It is mined in South Africa, the USA, Russia, Australia, and Canada.

Real gold has a rich orange-yellow color, however, gold scarcely exists in nature in pure form. It generally grows as a crystal structure incorporating other elements like silver or copper. 

What does AU mean on silver?

AU stamped on silver means that the article possibly contains some goldwork in addition to the silver. Most commonly, 925 is written with AU on silver which implies that the jewelry piece is composed of 92.5% pure sterling silver.


Before going to shop for your new jewelry, you must know how to distinguish between real and gold-plated jewelry. By learning what AU means on jewelry you won’t be misled by anybody while buying real gold for yourself.

The information shared above might protect you from many trickeries if you are on a quest to buy new jewelry. Also, make sure to get your jewelry tested to ensure its authenticity before spending your hard-earned money.

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