The circle has earned a symbolic shape throughout human history that transcends culture, geography, and time.

It has captured the devoted attention of scientists, astronauts, and goldsmiths as a symbol of eternity, femininity, lifecycle, and wholeness mostly due to its resemblance with gigantic bodies; the sun and moon.

If you see an A on a ring with a circle around it represents the sign for anarchy attributed to the French mutualist philosopher and self-declared anarchist of 19th-century fame Proudhon, who claimed that anarchy is the mother of order. 

The primary goal of Anarchists was to get a society integrating voluntary cooperation and anti-government free association, lacking the hierarchies inherent to capitalism. 

It depicts the notion that people should abide by the rules and not the rulers since Government exclusively is Chaos and Civil War masking itself as the former to deceive the masses.

The A refers to anarchy, meaning without rulers, while the circle around it is an O which demonstrates order. The anarchists truly believed in an organized society free of unjustified authority.

What is it worth?

The worth of the ring depends upon the metal used in it, e.g. the mark 18 KT GE with the symbol of A having a circle around it means the ring is 18 kt gold, i.e., 75% gold, and 25% is alloy or mixture. 

The stamp of A with a circle around it can be a reference to the manufacturer as it may refer to the Mark of Aurora Jewelry Co. Providence RI, for men’s & women’s jewelry, used for the first time in September 1954.


A ring having an A with a circle around it depicts the anarchist theory of French Proudhon, who stated that anarchy is the mother of order.

The symbol of an A with a circle on a ring refers to the manufacturer whereas its worth is illustrated through the hallmarks. 

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