If you have ever bought a gold ring, you might have noticed different numbers engraved on them. These numbers illustrate the purity of gold. If 750 is written on a ring, it indicates that the ring is composed of 18 karate gold.

The most obvious way to identify the karat and purity of your gold jewelry is to look for specific markings. Gold’s purity is measured in karats and 24 karats contain 100 percent pure gold. 18 karat has 75% pure gold while the remaining 25% is of additional metals and materials. 

Is 750 real gold?

If a gold product bears the hallmark 750, it implies that the jewelry is 18 karat or 75 percent pure gold. So yes there is a proportion of 75 percent real gold in combination with other metals such as nickel, copper, and silver.

Is 750 gold worth anything?

750 gold and 18 karats gold are considered the same. Both incorporate 75% gold content and are worth $42.80. Since gold is a metal that maintains its value over time so conserving your savings in 18 karat gold jewelry is a good choice for investment.  

What does hallmark 750 mean?

750 is one of many different types of hallmarks used by manufacturers and jewelers to inform consumers about the percentage of gold. These letters are used as evidence that a particular gold article is composed of 75% pure gold.

750 is an internationally accepted fineness mark that gives us a numerical representation of the gold content of an alloy in parts per thousand. 

What kind of metal is 750?

750 marked items are highly profitable. These are neither gold-plated nor gold-filled. It contains considerable amount of gold whereas gold-plated jewelry is a very light layer of gold having 0.05% actual gold or less.

750 denotes that the jewelry piece is made of 75% pure gold and 95% pure platinum.


A piece of jewelry with 750 markings denotes that it is an alloy comprising 75% gold and 25% other metals. 750 and 18 karat gold are the terms used for the same percentage of gold in an article.

It’s valuable and real gold has a high content of precious metals such as gold and platinum. After going through this article you are informed about the meaning of 750 on a ring. Now, you can easily check the purity and karat of gold by looking at the hallmark.

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