For people who want to experience Versace’s brand recognition without it being too taxing on the wallet, Versace introduced a secondary diffusion line of products called the Versace Collection.

While the clothes you usually see on the ramp in fashion events are from the main Versace line, the Versace Collection or Versace Versus are mid-range offshoots of the primary Versace brand.

They are for people who have limited resources but still want to flaunt the Versace logo on their clothing. They are usually made of more generic materials and designs that are more accessible to the general public.

Having a diffusion line is not exclusive to Versace at all.

Many big-name fashion brands have been establishing their own wallet-friendly lines, like Armani having Armani Exchange, Armani Jeans, and Emporio Armani. And Hugo Boss has separate labels called Hugo and Boss, or Tommy Hilfiger with Hilfiger Jeans.

Whenever you see innovative designs, glitzy colors, and contemplative designs, it’s safe to assume it’s a Versace product from the main label.

The Versace Collection, however, focuses on current fashion trends and is the perfect blend of high fashion and attire you would find everyday people wearing on the street.

Is The Versace Collection Different Than Versace?

The main differentiating factors between Versace and the Versace Collection are the pricing, the target audience, the collection’s designs, and the overall buying experience.

The target audience was the primary drive behind the creation of this line.

While the main Versace brand markets itself as the line for people who are looking for a premium shopping experience, prestige in public, and exclusivity.

They are usually financially upscaled and can afford to pay the extra price for all these features.

On the flip side, the Versace Collection targets a younger age demographic- millennials who are not as financially stable as their adult counterparts yet still want to engage in the glamor of Versace.

They also prefer online shopping over in-store purchases and want the best value for money deals they can get their hands on.

Eventually, the differences became so vast that Versace started distributing separate newsletters for both the main Versace line and the Versace Collection.

This was a smart move as it allowed them to cater their marketing emails specifically to their audience of interest.

Both these labels have cultivated a loyal customer base who rarely change their buying habits and their go-to brands, and thus they keep coming back to Versace to satiate their love for high fashion.

Is the Versace Collection Cheaper Than Versace?

Due to the fact that the Versace Collection is slightly more down to earth compared to the more iconic and symbolic designs of the main brand, it is a given that it will also be significantly cheaper.

Versace also caters to the adult crowd, who want fashion products straight from the runway.

This luxury has a price tag, and so the primary Versace brand can cost up to thousands of dollars per month.

This extravagant spending makes their customers feel significant and stand out from the crowd.

But the Versace Collection also has its fair share of buyers, with the diffusion line rising in popularity among the youth.

This is due to its invaluable mix of trendsetting fashion statements and a more affordable approach to its designs.

Being cheaper does not mean that the Versace Collection is outdated or a relic of the past.

It follows some of the biggest trends currently popular in youth circles worldwide, such as oversized clothing and bold designs accompanying flashy colors.

The age demographic that the Versace collection targets are around 20 to 30 years old.

It sets out to provide a modicum of casual luxury that the average middle-class consumer can wear on a daily basis without spending a truckload of money.

Is the Versace Collection Made In Italy?

Gianni and Donatella Versace, the two founders of Versace, have become household names in the Italian luxury fashion space.

Established in 1978 by Gianni, Versace quickly rose to prominence for its ready-to-wear and made-to-order products.

Their innovative vision and skyrocketing success soon caught the eye of large multinational groups. This led to a landmark acquisition by Michael Kors Holdings in 2018, worth $2 billion.

Given the fact that the first Versace headquarters was in Italy, a multitude of Versace products, including menswear, kidswear, womenswear, homeware, accessories, and footwear, are manufactured in Italy.

The same goes for the Versace Collection, as both of them are different labels of the same parent brand.

Apart from Italy, Versace also has manufacturing plants across Europe, in France, Germany, Spain, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.

Versace believes in corporate transparency so that its customers know exactly what they are paying their hard-earned money for.

Versace clearly highlights the products made in Italy by labeling them as such on their website. They know that Italian-made products are more lucrative as compared to those made in other countries.

Although, when it comes to other countries, Versace is a bit vague about the exact origin, with all other products just labeled as “Imported.”

Do They Still Make Versace Collection?

The Versace collection has been an integral part of Versace’s effort to diversify its lineup to include products accessible to people from all walks of life.

And since Versace has no intentions of veering away from this philosophy, the Versace Collection is still in operation and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Despite the Versace Collection being on the lower end of the price spectrum as compared to the main label, it is still considered high-end.

This is due to the fact that it may be cheaper than the main Versace line, but it is still considerably more expensive than many other brands on the market.

To summarize, the Versace Collection is a diffusion line of the primary Versace label, which aims to provide the luxury and brand power of Versace to the masses.

It strives to cater to those who cannot afford to spend a small fortune on their attire yet want to experience the status symbol that is Versace.


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