Chinese replica products are gaining immense popularity around the world due to their extremely low prices and accurate replicas of the most famous brands.

China has a huge market for replicas that they sell for exceptionally low prices, which makes their clientele a huge population.

Rep websites are excellent platforms that offer an extensive range of shoes, jewelry, clothes, designer bags, household products, appliances, cosmetics, and so on.

If you are looking for a guide to starting a business that sells replicas or if you want to buy replicas from a website, this article will be an incredible help in finding the best rep websites.

There are a plethora of websites selling replicas at low prices.

You can get all these products and more at a good price but having the best sources is important for good shopping.

Here are the top rep websites we recommend.


Everybody is aware of Alibaba. It is one of the most popular websites in the retail market that caters to everybody.

There is always something that you can buy here.

Here you have access to millions of products at factory prices.

While there have been some concerns regarding the safety of the website, Alibaba provides trade guarantees and secure payment methods to protect your transactions.

While most of the sellers are from China, the products are not limited to that region.

At Alibaba, you can buy products from all over the world.


AliExpress is your one-stop solution to all your needs.

If you find eBay and other such platforms way too expensive for your range, AliExpress will be a refreshing change.

Here you can find replica products ranging from electronics to fashion accessories to household products to mobile phones.

The biggest perk is that you will find all these products at a wholesale price.

You will have access to the earliest delivery for wholesale orders, you can find original products at a low price, and it has an excellent refund/return policy.


DHGate, like other replica websites, is a marketplace where traders and buyers interact and get the best deals possible.

It is a platform, like AliExpress, for others to sell online.

DHGate is a successful company that generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

While it may be difficult to navigate the waters in this marketplace at first, eventually, you learn all the quirks, and it gets easier.

You can weed out the bad sellers and can invest your time and money in the genuine sellers who offer quality products.

DHGate offers a wide variety of products that can appeal to everybody alike.


If you are somebody who is obsessed with bags and wants a marketplace solely dedicated to selling bags, you will be very pleased to shop at Bagsheaven.

This platform is literally heaven on earth for bag lovers.

Bagsheaven is a dedicated marketplace selling both replica and fake bags that are trustworthy as well as credible.

The quality of the bags is top-notch and is evident at first sight. You will not be disappointed by the prices or the quality of the bags because bagsheaven is completely authentic, devoted, and true to its customers.

Global Sources

Global sources is another credible website that is both remarkable and recognized among people who sell wholesale goods and buy these goods at a low price.

There is a wide range of products available here. The transactions are reliable and are carried out through B2B agreements.

Here you can interact with traders and buyers not only from China but from all over the world.

Pop Fashion Store

Pop fashion store specialize in all the replicas and fake rip-offs that can make your wardrobe better than ever. You have so many options to choose from that you wouldn’t bother going to any other store.

There are many options for unisex apparel, as well as a section solely dedicated to children. The material is of high quality, so you will not wear them out anytime soon.

Moreover, it is cost-efficient to the point that there are many discounted products on sale. You also have access to scarves and fashion accessories, unlike any other store.

As compared to the other stores, is not that cheap, but the prices are still reasonable enough to make it easy on your wallet.

There are plenty of excellent quality fake shoes and replica sneakers with competitive pricing.

The only downside is that the website is hard to navigate, so it might make the shopping experience a tad complicated, but in the end, you will most probably find it worth the hassle, considering the prices are very low.

Wholesale Clearance

Wholesale clearance is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on some of the best products at the lowest prices. The idea around wholesale clearance is exactly how it sounds – it is the stock clearance of big brands.

The unique trait of wholesome clearance is that the brands it features are relatively newer and the ones starting off just now.

What makes this website trustworthy is that the items you purchase come with a guarantee that you will be reimbursed if the product is flawed.

You can also easily buy these products in bulk without jumping through countless hoops. The only downside is that this clearance is available for the UK only.


While most of the wholesale replicas here target Christian Louboutins, the stock here is still of enough variety that you can easily shop here to your heart’s content.

There is a range of replicas and fake shoes in different styles that you can purchase. While the main business is centered around Hong Kong, the products are shipped all over the world.

Are Reps Fake Shoes?

Reps are not exactly fake shoes. Replicas or reps are just another version of the original shoes and are much more like the former than fake shoes.

These shoes are made from the same high-quality material, for example, the same leather, as well as similar exacting standards, and are manufactured in the same factories in the same countries as the original were manufactured.

So, in the end, there is not much of a difference between the originals and replicas.

Some buyers would even purchase replicas at the same price as they would buy the originals.

These replicas can be called fake in the sense that they are not originals but are practically indistinguishable from the originals.

The only catch here is that the quality of reps is not as poor as fake shoes.

What are Repsneakers?

Replica sneakers are basically an “imitation” of sneakers made by companies such as Adidas and Nike, for example.

The prices of replicas can differ depending on the quality of the material used to manufacture the shoes.

There are different grade levels of Repsneakers, including grade AAA, Super Perfect (SP), Super Max Perfect (SMP), Unauthorized Authentic (UA), 1:1, and so on.

You can purchase these Repsneakers anywhere since they are commonly found everywhere nowadays.

However, you should make sure to check the quality of materials before you actually pay the price. This is highly important to avoid being scammed.

How Do I Know If My Shows Are Reps?

There are many ways to check if the shoes you bought are original or reps. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Who Are You Buying From?

Your source is the most important clue as to if your shoes are original or fake. If you are buying through social media, you should check the credentials of the person you are buying from.

You should go through their page or profile to check if it has been active for a while or is it newly created.

Moreover, if you are buying from a website that you are not familiar with, make sure you pay via Paypal because Paypal can protect its users from scams.

How is Your Product Packaged?

The packaging of your sneakers shows a lot about their worth. Compare all the information you get from your package with the ones of original shoes online. It can tell you a lot about the product.

What is the Price?

The price of the product is also an important indicator of the quality of the shoes and what its worth. If it is too good to be true, it is probably not true in the first place. So make sure if the shoes you are buying are over the top, the price matches it too.


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