There has been a massive change in global fashion trends in recent years. Pakistani fashion trends have captured a significant market overseas as well.

The distinctions between local and foreign fashion trends are now obliterated.

Fashion has evolved globally, and people like to buy clothes that represent different cultures and have sentimental value.

Pakistani apparel is unique and has made its mark as a combination of modernity and tradition.

More than half a million Pakistanis live in the UK and nearby countries. Hence there is a significant demand for Pakistani clothes in this region.

Pakistani fashion brands have developed an enormous clientele overseas, including the UK.

Many fashion stores and company outlets are now operational to meet the increasing demand for ready-made Pakistani clothes in the UK.

Leading retailers of Pakistani apparel set up in the UK are mentioned with their details in this article.

Laila’s Clothing

Laila’s Clothing was founded in early 2014 in the UK by Babu Multi traders Ltd.

Having already done business in more than 150 countries, their aim is to localize Pakistani clothes in the international market by providing good quality, ready-made clothes at reasonable prices.

Laila’s clothing mainly has clothes for women and girls. It offers trendy clothes for parties, weddings, and different Pakistani festivals like Eid.

Laila’s clothing provides its customers with a new variety every time they visit their store.

Ladies who admire Pakistani fashion and are looking for a one-stop-shop to get trendy, ready-made Pakistani clothes, Laila’s clothing is the place to go.

You can also visit their online store to check out their collection and place your order. Orders are delivered to your doorstep within two days.

Their retail outlet is located at 84A St Helens Rd, Bolton, Manchester BL3 3RT, United Kingdom.


House Of Faiza

House of Faiza was started five years ago in London and has become the leading clothing outlet for Pakistani clothes.

The store is run by the owners with great passion and admiration for Pakistani apparel.

They take pride in sourcing their items from the best brands and fashion designers in Pakistan.

They have made sure that the customers get their desired clothing, from brands of their choice, from casual wear to luxury couture, all under one roof.

House of Faiza has one of the most extensive collections of Pakistani clothes in the UK.

They have also been supporters of emerging Pakistani fashion designers and brands by providing a great platform to promote their ideas and products.

With a team of talented South Asian female bloggers, House of Faiza is also the leading fashion content creator on social media and attracts a huge number of customers through digital marketing.

Seasonal sales and regular discounts are given as well, to attract more customers.

Their fashion catalogs are also available now on their smartphone application.

Their retail outlet is located at 18 Soho Square, London W1D 3QH, United Kingdom.

You can also order online from their website.


Libas E Jamila

Located at Suite 2A, Blackthorn House, St Pauls Square, Birmingham, Libas E Jamila is one of the leading retailers of ready-made Pakistani clothes in the UK.

Run by a couple of Pakistani female entrepreneurs who understand the fashion scene in the UK, a blend of modern and traditional designs is made especially for the women living in the UK.

This store only sells designer clothes sourced from premium brands. They offer multiple varieties of Shalwar Kameez, Sarees, and Anarkali dresses.

Their collection has clothes for every occasion. From casual dresses to fancy for everyday use to heavy dresses for fancy events, Libas E Jamila has it all.

Some of the best deals on Pakistani clothes are offered by this brand with free shipping for customers in the UK.

Excellent customer service is guaranteed at their store along with a 24/7 on-call service for any customer queries and requests.

They are now present online for their customers to shop without any hassle.

Visit to view their collection and order.


Rawaaj is a ready-made Pakistani fashion store in London.

It was started by a small team of South Indians who found it challenging to buy Pakistani clothes for traditional events at affordable prices in the UK.

The idea of Rawaaj was to provide the Pakistani community living in the UK with their desired Pakistani attire without being heavy on the pockets.

They source their products from well-known brands in Pakistan to guarantee good quality products.

Rawaaj is a fresh startup and wishes to succeed in the UK market with the support of its customers.

Until now, they have managed to build a base of happy and satisfied customers by welcoming feedback and taking it in their stride.

They provide the latest designs in Kurtas, Kamiz, and other Pakistani suits.

Their store is located at 54 Hughes Road, Ilford, London.


Memsaab Boutique

Since 1998, Memsaab Boutique has established itself as one of the leading retailers of ready-made Pakistani clothes in the UK.

Their competitive prices set them apart from other ready-made Pakistani clothing stores.

Over the years, Memsaab has become a local favorite for Pakistani attire for men, women, and children due to its wide variety, quality, pricing, and customer service.

They source their clothes from leading fashion brands in Pakistan, including Asim Jofa, Sana Safinaz, Emaan Adeel, Xenia Formals, and others.

They also have a collection of Pakistani footwear and jewelry available at their online and physical store.

Gift vouchers and discounts are also offered to attract more customers.

Their main store is located in Green Street, London. They have two other outlets in the UK.

  • Dewsbury Store: 5 Corporation Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.
  • Luton Store: 122-124 Bury Park Road Luton Beds


Designer Dhaage

Located at 149 Ilford, London, United Kingdom, Designer Dhaage is a high-end Pakistani clothing store for high-budget customers.

Sourced from top Pakistani designer brands, you can find authentic Pakistani designer clothes at Designer Dhaage.

Find a range of designer clothes from all the premium brands, including Sana Safinaz, Maria B, Gul Warun, Nauroz, Imrozia, and Baroque; all brought under one roof at Designer Dhaage.

Shalwar Kameez, three-piece ladies suits, and other dresses made from fabrics like chiffon, cotton, lawn, or silk all are available.

They have a website where you can navigate to find your desired clothing from your favorite brands.

You can also place your orders by visiting their pages on Facebook and Instagram.



Identifying the market gap for high-quality clothes at affordable prices, Shiffonz was started by two friends in 2003 as a business-to-business entity in the UK.

Shiffonz soon made its name in the UK market and opened its first retail outlet in Green Street, London, in 2017.

With a remarkable growth in business, Shiffonz now has a total of 3 outlets in the UK.

Soon, they launched their online store to gain the attention of more customers across the country.

At Shiffonz, Pakistani clothes for men, women, and children are available in a huge variety at reasonable prices.

They also have a bridal collection of traditional Pakistani dresses and jewelry available in their stores.

Their Dori Work and Mehendi collections are most loved by the customers.

Retail Outlets:

  • London: 300 GREEN ST, LONDON E7 8LF
  • Birmingham: 369 STRATFORD RD, BIRMINGHAM B11 4JY
  • Bradford: 777 LEEDS ROAD, BRADFORD BD3 8BZ


Babus Clothing:

Babus Clothing is a famous Pakistani apparel store located at 84 St Helens Road, Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

This store is a go-to place for ethnic Pakistani clothes at lower prices in the UK.

Their clothes are traditional Pakistani dresses with a touch of modernity.

Ready-made clothes at Babu’s are sourced from famous Pakistani brands like Afrozeh, Gul Ahmed, Nureh, and many others.

You can also order their clothes online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

A free refund policy is given in case of damages or wrong order delivery.

To order online, visit

Rang Jah

Rang Jah boutique is the largest retailer of Pakistani clothes in the UK.

Their products are authentic and known for their quality.

The majority of the Pakistani females residing in the UK buy from Rang Jah due to their excellent customer service.

It only has Pakistani dresses for women brought from luxury fashion brands in Pakistan.

Their collections range from casual to expressive clothing for all occasions.

Keeping the recessionary climate in mind, prices are kept very reasonable to hold on to their clientele in the country.

Their fashion catalog is available online at

The retail outlet is located at 34 St Peters Rd, Leicester LE2 1DA, United Kingdom.


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