If you are someone who loves the topic of shoes or skateboarding, you’ve probably already heard of the names of these shoes.

However, if you aren’t familiar, we have written this article to shine a light on the various shoe designs that the shoe company Vans produces and the differences between them.

Before we start, we would like to tell you a little about this company and the significance of these shoes.

Based in Anaheim, California, Vans is a popular American manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and other related products. Its shoe designs and apparel is loved by everyone, and it is sought after by many.

One of the earliest shoe designs that Vans created that people still buy nowadays is the “Old Skool” Vans or otherwise known as Number 36.

This was their improved model from their earliest designs and the design that hit off their sales, making them famous.

This shoe design is the first skate shoe that assimilated leather panels which increased its durability.

It is also well-known for its “jazz stripe,” which made it stand out among others.

In this article, we will discuss four shoe designs by Vans; The Old Skool, Skate Old Skool, Classic Tumble Old Skool, and Ward, and the differences between them.

What is the difference between Old Skool and Skate Old Skool?

Old Skool Shoes are made up of durable suede, and they have canvas uppers in a range of fresh colorways.

It is paired with a rubber sole, and the insides of the shoe are lined with a cotton canvas.

It is also low top and has white laces with reinforced toe caps, rubber waffle outsoles, and supportive padded collars. You will find the classic leather stripe down the side of the shoe.

The Old Skool has a cushioned footbed that provides extra shock absorbent qualities, and the quest waffle shred delivers flexible grip and traction.

Now, compared to Old Skool, Skate Old Skool is an upgraded version of the Old Skool.

It has more focus on the inside of the sneaker, making it tougher.

According to the Vans website itself, it has been redesigned for modern skateboarding.

The new Skate Old Skool vans have heightened durability; It has DURACAP enforced underlay at the base of the shoe.

Moreover, it also has increased protection with higher sidewall heights and ​​deeper knurl texture on the toe bumpers.

The Skate Old Skool vans have redesigned uppers, and rebuilt with a molded heel counter and internal tongue straps. These new features allow for a more firm grip on the feet.

Another important feature of this new design is the Popcush Cushioning system which will give your heel the best cushioning and protection.

If you’re a skater, the Skate Old Skool vans will provide you with the reinforced abrasion, extra support, and cushioning that you need.

What is the difference between Old Skool and Ward?

Another popular design that Vans has produced is the Vans Ward.

When we talk about the differences between Old Skool and Ward, there is nothing that major, but there are a few subtle differences that give Ward its own special design.

The first difference that you might find between Old Skool and Ward is that Old Skool has a distinct side stitching under the jazz stripe.

There is no side stitching on the jazz stripe on the Ward.

Secondly, on the Ward, the eye-stays are connected at the front of the shoe, whereas on the Old Skool, the eye-stays travel all the way up to the laces.

Third, the eye-stays at the top of the tongue on the Ward have rounded edges versus the right-angled eye-stays on Old Skool.

You might notice that the stitching above the heel counter is narrower on Old Skool than on the Ward.

The last difference between Old Skool and Ward is that the tongue on Ward has a big Vans label, whereas the Old Skool has a blank tongue.

Are Old Skool Vans canvas or suede?

Old Skool Vans are made from both long-lasting canvas and suede uppers.

A cotton canvas is used to line the shoes, and the laces are made from synthetic polyester.

What is classic tumble Old Skool?

The Classic Tumble Old Skool is another shoe design that is produced by Vans.

It is a classic skate shoe made from synthetic leather- which makes it flexible and soft.

The Classic Tumble Old Skool is the first design that lays bare the iconic side stripe.

It has a low lace-up feature with well-made textile uppers.

It reinforces the toe caps, which allows the shoe to withstand recurrent wear. It also sports signature rubber waffle outsoles with padded collars for extra comfort.

We hope this article was helpful and gave you pointers on how you can differentiate between the different Vans shoe designs. Thank you for reading!


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