Adorning jewelry is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Picking out what is going with your outfit, the colors, the designs, and the materials that resonate with your personality and your get-up is really fun.

We all love to shop at our favorite jewelry stores but finding jewelry that is both unique and reasonable in prices is a difficult task.

Wouldn’t you love to find a store that meets all your needs and preferences? Some of the following wholesale jewelry shops in Europe might be the solution to your problem.

In this article, we will explore the various jewelry stores in Europe that sells incredible jewelry at wholesale rates.


Tomade is a jewelry store with an aim to supply world-class jewelry and accessories to people from all over Europe. They offer the latest designs and styles that appeal to most of their customers.

The way Tomade manages to stand out in the wholesale industry is by providing high-quality jewelry at the lowest prices possible.

Customers also have the opportunity to customize their jewelry which they can get in record time of 5 to 15 days.

They have a wide variety of products which include all categories such as simple, exotic, extravagant, delicate, and modern. They are built from all kinds of materials and fabrics.

Check out their website here:


Gallay is a luxurious brand that brings you exclusive jewelry made up of gold, silver, and double lines. Their jewelry includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants which would compliment any outfit that you choose to wear.

These jewelry items are handcrafted in Germany and offer high-quality, unique designs that can not be found at any other store.

Gallay has a wide range of jewelry items that can help you accessorize your outfits at moderate prices. This way you don’t burn a hole through your wallet and at the same time you don’t compromise on quality.

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Dottilove is the epitome of superior craftsmanship, and the brand has an excellent eye for selecting and using raw materials to its own advantage.

You will find all the latest trends in Jewelry from all over Europe here.

Dottilove aims to provide quality services at affordable rates that people don’t have trouble spending on this jewelry.

Due to both of these reasons and considering that Dottilove is a trending brand, their stock runs out as soon as it is launched.

Check out the website here:

AW Gifts

If funky jewelry is what you are looking for, AW Gifts is the place to fulfill all your varying jewelry needs.

You can find all kinds of jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings. You can buy these pieces according to your needs and budget.

More than all of these reasons combined, what makes AW Gifts more impressive is that it is a cruelty-free brand which means that they do not use any animal products or test on any animals while manufacturing these products.

Check out the website here:


Created in 2002, Yehwang is known for its trendy jewelry, clothes, and accessories. It is majorly based in Netherlands but ships all over Europe. Yehwang is the leading supplier in the Dutch B2B sector.

Yehwang strikes the perfect balance between costs, designs, and quality of the jewelry they offer.

Their services are hospitable, and the trendy jewelry makes customers keep coming back for more.

They keep adding on more and more styles to meet their customers’ needs and preferences. The prices are competitive so you won’t have trouble there.

Check out the website here:

House of Jewellery

House of Jewellery is a house full of a wide variety of products with different materials such as sterling silver, karat gold, and diamonds that would make you blind with their dazzling beauty.

Their pricing is wholesale, which makes it feasible for people to buy in bulk at lower prices. House of Jewellery is a family-run business that has brought with it exquisite jewelry and handicrafts from India.

How House of Jewellery has sustained its business all these years is because it has followed some core values such as dedication, hardwork, and trust.

Check out the website here:

Mainly Silver

As the name suggests, Mainly Silver is a store dedicated to providing the highest quality silver at highly competitive prices with stylish designs and trendy ideas. They have 30 years of experience in the field, which is why you can develop a relationship of trust with them.

They provide original designs that people find both creative and innovative. Their silver is impeccable, and their customer service is hospitable.

Moreover, their manufacturing process is modernized and ethical, which appeals to a majority of their customer base.


What makes Creoate so special in the jewelry industry in Europe is that it comprises small, independent brands that are all unique and have their own identities and features.

Their aim is to help small businesses thrive in the industry by giving them an a platform and opportunity to grow. This way, each small business can display their one-of-a-kind product and give customers a chance to own unique products.

Creoate allows you to dream big and airs the ambitions that a retailer or a wholesale business has when entering the industry.

Check out the website here:


Orosolis is a business based on a solid foundation of the jewelry industry since 1940. They specialize in handmade gold jewelry and so far they have excelled at their job.

Their aim is to serve South Asian diasporas residing in Europe especially the UK. Hence, they picked ethnic handmade gold jewelry to be the center of their trade.

Along with their specialized trade, they offer competitive prices and timely delivery of your orders.

Their latest trends in jewelry will ensure that you get what is the most desired in the market.

Check out the website here:

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