High-quality fabrics have a more well-balanced combination of vertical and horizontal weaves, which make for a stronger fabric surface. Color. A good quality fabric should have a dye job to match. Look out for unevenness in tone throughout the surface of the fabric.

You can check for a range of amazing fabric suppliers in Miami from the list below.

List Of Wholesale Fabric Suppliers In Miami:

  • Mix Corp.
  • Rex Fabrics
  • Isa Fabrics
  • Reliatex Inc.
  •  Mood Fabrics 
  • Solid Stone Fabrics, Inc.
  • Linen Fabric in Miami, FL

1. Miatex Corp.

Miatex Corp. is one of the world’s leading textile jobbers, dealing mostly in closeout and promotional home decorating textiles for the export market. 

Jose Ojalvo formed it in 1976 after selling his stake in Phillip Wedeen Corp., where he had been a partner from its creation in 1972. For almost 40 years, Miatex has led the industry in displaying the most recent fabric trends and styles. 

They have expanded our inventory to include all sorts of upholstery fabrics, including but not limited to Chenille, Suede, Microfibers, Jacquards, Animal prints, Solid & Printed Cotton, all types of Vinyl, Polyurethanes, Outdoor Solids & Prints, and office-type textiles (poly-propylene and olefins).  


Contact Info:

Phone: 305-592-5525

Website: https://miatexcorp.com/

Address: 7000 NW 32nd Avenue Bay 5 and, 6, Miami, FL 33147, United States.

2. Rex Fabrics

Rex Fabrics is a one-stop store for fabric and dressmaking supplies. They discover a full range of textiles of every style, design, and quality conceivable in our world-renowned store. 

Their selection includes everything from everyday textiles to the rarest and most costly materials available worldwide, as well as patterns from all over the world. 

Many of our textiles are “Rex Exclusives,” meaning they can only be found here. Haute Couture, Bespoke Tailoring, and Decorative Services are also available from Rex Fabrics. 

Contact Info:

Phone: +1-888-987-0803 / (1) 888 987 4396

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.rexfabrics.com/

Address: 825 SW 37th Avenue Miami, FL 33135.

3. Isa Fabrics

Isa Fabrics is a sprawling metropolis filled with palm palms and daydreams. This magical city of hope, adventure, and reinvention is a bustling metropolis teeming with individuals from all over the world seeking the American Dream. 

Those who have been bold enough to face suffering in the quest for achievement have illuminated the city with their visions. Isa was motivated to succeed after moving from Cuba to Miami in 1961, fuelled by a dread of the unknown. 

Her lack of business expertise and capacity to communicate in English did not deter her from following her passion for textiles. She spent two years selling fabric samples from a suitcase door to door before earning enough money to launch her first shop. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 305 573 3033

Website: https://isafabrics.com/

Address: 200 NE 30th St, Miami, FL 33137.

4. Reliatex Inc.

Reliatex Inc. was founded in Florida in 1950, and we have been supplying the upholstered products trade with vinyl, fabric, foam, and upholstery materials ever since. 

They have three branches in Florida, with over 120,000 square feet of warehouse and foam manufacturing space, allowing us to ship to customers all around the world. 

Their diversified product lines and considerable expertise in the automobile and recreational vehicle, aviation, furniture for office and residential applications, healthcare, hotels and lodging, marine, and restaurant sectors have maintained us at the forefront of cushioning innovation. 

Contact Info:

Phone:  305-592-3220 / 1-800-432-5087

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.reliatex.com/

Address: 2201 NW 72nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33122 USA.

5. Mood Fabrics 

Mood Fabrics is the world’s leading retailer of fashion fabric, with over 1,200 consumers visiting the NYC flagship store every day. 

Mood Fabrics, named one of “Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful” by The New York Daily News, has played an important part in the fashion industry for over two decades and has created an outstanding reputation based on honesty, inventiveness, and hard work. 

The firm takes pleasure in being a family business and the realization of founder Jack Sauma’s ideal, as well as a true American success story. The origins of Mood Fabrics may be traced back to creator Jack Sauma’s fantasies. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (305) 783-3383

Website: https://www.moodfabrics.com/

Address: 3550 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127.

6. Solid Stone Fabrics, Inc.

Solid Stone Textiles develops and sells stretch fabrics for a variety of markets, including dance, team/spirit, costume, activity clothes, swimwear, and many more. 

To mention a few, we have Velvet, Foils, Holograms, Nylon/Lycra, Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Fabrics, Polyester/Spandex, Glitter Fabrics, Tulle and Mesh, and Sequins. 

They take pleasure in providing high-quality, performance textiles in a broad range of colors and designs at extremely reasonable pricing. There is no minimum order quantity for stock fabrics and provides a variety of delivery choices, including worldwide. 

Contact Info:

Phone:  276-634-0115

Website: https://www.solidstonefabrics.com/

Address: 405 Walker Road, Martinsville, VA 24112.

7. Linen Fabric in Miami, FL

Linen Fabric in Miami, F, a major provider of interior textiles, can be relied on by Miami residents searching for high-quality linen fabric. They have one of the largest fabric and drapery hardware selections in the Miami region. 

With a large range of brand-name items like Beacon Hill, Clarke & Clarke, and J.F. Fabric, they can assure that all of the products they sell are manufactured of high-quality materials for any personal or commercial project. 

Beautiful and economical wholesale textiles might be difficult to find, which is where we come in. The company offers anything from upholstery and drape fabric to outdoor fabrics too.

Contact Info:

Phone: (305) 576-5985 

Website: https://www.linenfabricmiami.com/

Address:  7255 NE 4th Ave #106, Miami, FL, 33138. 

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