From the start of time, jewelry trends have constantly been changing and can sometimes be difficult to keep up with.

However, there is one style that is back in trend– gold chains.

In prehistoric times, gold chains were a symbol of service to the supreme beings in some religions.

In today’s time, they are a symbol of status, wealth, and power.

Gold chains were brought back in fashion by rap artists.

Now, they are not only limited to being worn by women but are adorned by men as well.

Before gold chains, men’s accessories were only limited to watches and rings, but with the extensive ranges of gold chains available, styling for men has become more amusing.

Let’s have a little scoop into gold chain manufacturers in Italy, whose products can “up” the style of men as well as women.

Gold Chains

Gold Chains’ have been in the goldsmith market since 1977.

They exclusively sell to wholesalers, whereas other customers can buy from their retailers.

They have expertise in creating and crafting gold chain models that are the hot favorite of customers in Italy and around the world.

Gold Chains manufacture all of its products in-house, assuring the best quality of chains.

They use high-tech machinery to create the best quality chains.

The best part about Gold Chains is that they use eco-friendly techniques to manufacture their products.

Techniques like galvanizing, using conflict-free raw materials, and degreasing products have helped Gold Chains become a sustainable brand.

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Silo has been one of the largest companies manufacturing gold chains and other accessories since 1964.

Silo combines Italian craftsmanship with hi-tech to create pieces that radiate innovation, elegance, and style.

It has its supply market on five continents.

They have a large collection of different styles of chains that you can choose from.

They also offer the service of customization to their customers.

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Asolo Gold

Asolo Gold was founded in 1984 by Cesare Bizzotto.

Asolo specializes in making all kinds of karats and platinum chains.

It is one of the first companies to enter the Asian market and hence has a strong international presence.

They have almost ten different kinds of collections of gold and platinum chains, ranging from criss-cross to bars, wheat, Valentino, and many more.

Asolo is also amongst the first companies to be RJC and environmental certified.

They have been successful in combining craftsmanship with technology by producing their machinery, which helps them make state-of-the-art gold chains.

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FAOR was founded in the 1970s and soon became one of the most well-known Italian gold jewelry production houses.

They manufacture all kinds of gold jewelry and gold chains.

FAOR has an extensive range of designs available for its gold chain collections which represent their creativity in their business.

Their Beads Chains, also known as Toilet Chains, is the most sought-after collection as it has many different designs and patterns available.

They are made up of gold with both smooth and diamond cutting, which appears to be very appealing to the eyes.

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Vieri Spa

Vieri Spa was founded in 1977 by a goldsmith family and was later sold to a group of shareholders in 1989.

Vieri specializes in gold jewelry, but most prominently gold chains.

They have a wide variety of chains available like curb chain, Rolo chain, cobra chain, box chain, and many more.

Plus, they also comply with all current regulations the Italian government has set for gold products.

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Tecnigold was founded in 1979 by Francesco Piotto and is famous for its machine-made gold chains.

Tecnigold supplies all kinds of gold chains like rolo, cable, box, the classic link, and many more.

They have grown to be a well-known company supplying gold chains, which can be found in almost all big gold product events.

Although their products are elegant and charming to look at, they still do not contain any craftsmanship. Hence, this company is not recommended for people wanting hand-made gold chains.

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Alessi Domenico

Alessi Domenico was founded in 1946 in a workshop and has grown to become one of the best Italian gold chain producers.

They have three main collections from which Tempo is the one that entirely comprises gold chains.

More than 16 styles of chains can be found: Singaporian, Figaro, Bismarck, Cuban, Snake, and many more.

The best part about this brand is that they provide special incentives for wholesalers and customers who buy in bulk.

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AMP was conceived in 1978 by Renato Mazzaschi and his other three partners in Arezzo, Italy.

AMP specializes in making gold chains, especially rope and byzantine, which are completely handmade.

They also manufacture other types of gold chains with different patterns and designs, both hand-made and machine-made, like hollow chains, solid links, beads, and many more.

AMP claims to make one of the best quality gold chain products with incomparable product durability and price range.

Their products can also be found at many gold products events like Vicenzaoro and Oroarezzo.

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Unoaerre was born in 1926 and is the first goldsmith company in Arezzo, Italy.

With more than 90 years of experience, Unoaerre is one of the leading companies in gold products and is supplying its products to more than forty countries.

They specialize in manufacturing handcrafted gold chains in many different styles like rope, Figaro, fortiatine, Venetian blinds, serpentine, and many more.

Unoaerre is also known to completely adhere to the principles laid by RJC and other international associations for gold jewelry.

The best part about Unoaerre is that they offer free shipping for orders above 50 euros.

Unoaerre has its museum, which is Italy’s first museum dedicated to goldsmith art. The museum showcases gold products from industrial archaeology to the latest designs.

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