One of the most important accessories that women both adore and use in their everyday lives is a handbag.

Now, there are hundreds of designs for bags, and each of them might serve a similar or different purpose.

Be it for fashion, for a fancy event, or for a mom who likes to keep her children’s necessities as well as her own near.

But until now, we hadn’t really heard of any bag that could serve every purpose you expected of it.

Until now, that is. When we discovered the La Mansio bag, we simply had to write about it!

La Mansio is a woman-led brand based in Delaware, and it was spearheaded by Livia, Bianca, and Kate.

Livia is the marketing and communication head. Bianca is the production and fulfillment manager. And lastly, Kate is the product design and branding manager. We have her to thank for this smart and versatile bag!

Now, you might be wondering, what really makes this bag better than others? What is it that sets it apart from the others? Lucky for you, we’ve dedicated this article to do just that.

Read on to discover more about the La Mansio bag and why you should consider investing in it!

Insights on the La Mansio Bag

According to the brand itself, they asked their audience- about a thousand women- what their perfect handbag was like.

Collecting all that information, they designed the beautiful and stylish La Mansio bag that is also known as the six-in-one modular bag for active women. Both stay-at-home and working moms will appreciate this bag!

This handbag can also be converted into a backpack! Isn’t that neat? The La Mansio bag has various gadgets and design kinks which allow you to use it in a wide range of ways.

According to the brand itself, this “perfect bag” is the perfect choice for each and every one of its consumers’ lifestyles and passions.

It can also be modified according to each of their needs, i.e., they can include any add-ons that cater to their needs.

A typical La Mansio bag has a beautiful black glossy color with a rectangular shape that allows it to be used both as a handbag and as a backpack. It is created by using the best premium leather.

On a La Mansio bag, you will find various gadgets; straps for a shoulder bag, as well as a handbag. There are different compartments reserved for the backpack and the handbag.

This bag also includes a clothes pocket, single and double opening zippers, a yoga mat holder, detachable padded straps, a quick access pocket as well as a secret pocket!

That would be extremely handy for keeping your important documents or money.

Now you might be wondering, why exactly is this bag worth buying? We’ll discuss that in the next section.

What Are The Qualities of The La Mansio Bag?

According to La Mansio, their bag is a versatile women’s bag with dual uses, and it supports an active way of life.

As we discussed the external details of the bag earlier, we will now dive into what you’ll find on the inside and how it is better than others for daily use.

One of the biggest things that this brand claims are that the La Mansio bag supports your active lifestyle. How? You may ask. We’ll list those down:

  • You can easily find and organize your belongings!

There are twelve interior and exterior pockets. Don’t women just love pockets?

Imagine having twelve of them just so you can store your products separately and cleanly.

These pockets can be found on both the exterior and interior of this bag. The newest upgrade is a water bottle pocket!

  • There is a wide compartment in the bag for good organization

Each La Mansio bag offers enough space to accommodate all your belongings. There’s an extra compartment in the bag so you can organize your stuff neatly.

  • A waterproof pocket makes it spill-proof

It has an exterior waterproof pocket that allows you to store any wet objects you have on hand. We’re for sure relieved by this feature!

Imagine spilling water on your blouse, and you have to carry it around till you’re home!

  • Better than your regular handbag!

The switch from a handbag to a backpack can be a big help when you have to carry extra things or you simply want to enjoy your coffee without worrying about your handbag sliding off.

  • It has a lot of applications.

Moreover, the all-rounder La Mansio bag can switch from being elegant to sporty and then to casual.

You can also carry this bag as a shoulder bag. We love how this bag allows us to style it according to our outfits or mood!

  • You can choose from a variety of add-ons.

La Mansio allows you to select different add-ons for your bag. These add-ons include the Laptop Case, the Camera Cube, and the Compression Cube.

The laptop case can be used on its own, and it can also be connected to the original bag with a magnetic holding.

You can store your laptop, extra documents, or accessories in the two extra pockets that you get with this case.

The camera cube, as its name suggests, gives your bag a chic, beautiful addition where you can store your cameras, film, or disposables.

Lastly, we have the compression cube, a small yet spacious container where you can store your overnight products.

  • It is bag that’s for everyone!

This bag can be used by any woman! Be it that you’re a student, a stay-at-home mother, or a working woman, this bag is designed to fit any of your needs.

  • The bags are travel-friendly

If you travel a lot, don’t worry. The designers have made sure they create the bag to be easily cleared in the luggage pass-through. The bags are also resilient and waterproof.

This bag also has a yoga mat attachment! You can take your mat anywhere, be it parks or gyms, and enjoy the relaxation.

  • The secret storage pocket keeps documents safe.

Among the various pockets that the bag has, you also get a secret storage pocket! You can easily store your important documents or things there.

  • Padded leather straps offer comfort.

The padded leather straps are both comfortable and soft, serving a beautiful finish and also ensuring your comfort.

  • Detachable straps offer convenience

The La Mansio bags also have detachable straps that offer increased convenience for women of all sizes. You can use these straps to shape the bag however you like.

Those were all of the perks of owning a La Mansio bag. You’ll be excited to hear that this bag has different color schemes and faces!

The first one is the “Black Saffiano,” a sleek black design that is made from natural leather. This bag is also scratch-resistant and waterproof!

The second choice you’ll get will be the “Vegan Saffiano.” As the name suggests, this version is made from an alternative vegan leather. It is also waterproof.

Another bag that is made in the natural leather selection is called “Heritage Brown,” a beautiful rich cuoio brown that will go nicely with your outfits!

And the last one in the collection is the “Toscana Olive,” a wonderful olive color with dark brown straps! This one is to die for!

Are La Mansio Bags Real?

Absolutely! These bags are a hundred percent authentic. You will find that these bags are greatly loved by many women, and they are completely authentic.

You can find the original La Mansio bags on their website, where you have the ability to select the color, various add-ons, and the upgraded version!

If you are still skeptical of the authenticity of the bag, you can examine the bag for the La Mansio brand tag or authenticity label.

You might even find a specific serial number which you can put in their database and figure out the authenticity of your bag.

You can find that the inside tag will either be hand-stitched or stamped into the leather or the material of the bag.

How Much Does a La Mansio Bag Cost?

A single La Mansio bag will cost you about three hundred and ninety-five US dollars, without any add-ons.

The La Mansio half-pack, which includes the Laptop Case and the Compression Cube, will cost you about five hundred and ten US dollars.

Lastly, the La Mansio full-pack, which includes the Laptop Case, the Compression Cube, a Camera Cube with one slim strap, and one nano bag, will cost you five hundred and sixty US dollars.

That will also include shipping based on where you live!


In the end, we’d like to say that per our research, we loved the La Mansio bag.

The price range would be something that would stop most women from buying this.

However, we believe it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that you can continue to get benefits from as the year progresses!

We loved the accessibility, the great number of pockets, and the various straps.

For those who love storage and organization, this bag will be heaven for them. Moreover, the ability to convert the bag into whatever your heart desires at the moment gives this bag a big tick mark from us.

The design is intended for modern women who have active lifestyles with work, gym, traveling, or even leisure.

The bag has gotten overall positive reviews from many. However, the price point is one thing that might bring the sales down.


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