Jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, has long been one of the most visible methods for people to demonstrate their power, money, and status.

Aside from the prestige associated with wearing jewelry, it may readily showcase a person’s personality and bring out the best attributes of the wearer when worn on special occasions. In addition, it helps women feel distinguished, fashionable, and attractive.

What’s great about jewelry is that it’s linked to human civilization in some way. People like to associate jewelry with something exceptional and extraordinary for any special occasion, such as a birthday party, wedding, etc.

As a result, many consider dedicating a large amount of effort to purchasing or even creating the most beautiful jewelry possible.

Melbourne, fortunately, offers a plethora of high-quality jewelry designers and manufacturers who can create stunning pieces of jewelry. To fulfill your jewelry needs, check out the following jewelry manufacturers.

List of jewelry manufacturers in Melbourne:

  • Golden Mile
  • Anthony’s Manufacturing Jewelers
  • MG Jewelry Designs
  • Melbourne Manufacturing Jewellers
  • Paterson Fine Jewellery

1. Golden Mile

The majority of the products they provide are made in their Melbourne plant using Australian gold and silver.

Their jewelry items include bangles, chains, clasps, and other accessories, all of which are handcrafted in Melbourne.

They only have a small selection of imported goods, but they make sure they are of the greatest quality to match their high Australian standards.

They make every effort to manufacture only the highest quality products, knowing that the higher the quality, the happy their consumers will be in the long run.

They have always been able to help with repairs over the years, but they have recently expanded their services to include stone settings, extensions, and much more.  Moreover, they offer laser engraving services on their products to further satisfy their customers’ needs.

Contact info:

Tel: 03 9753 3977


Address: 24 Kingsley Close, Rowville, Melbourne, Vic 3178, Australia.

2. Anthony’s Manufacturing Jewelers

Anthonys Manufacturing Jewellers has been delivering concept-to-creation jewelry services, as well as jewelry repairs and restorations, in Melbourne for over 40 years.

The company, led by brothers Leigh and Brad, specializes in personalized engagement rings and all things relating to jewelry.

They have the expertise to help you design unique engagement rings and dress jewelry from start to finish. The Gemological Institute of America laser inscribes and certifies all their diamonds above half a carat in weight.

For almost four decades, the Anthonys family has delighted customers by bringing unique jewelry ideas to life and restoring heritage pieces to their former grandeur.

Contact info:

Tel: (03) 9650 4739

Email: [email protected]


Address: 417/220 Collins St., Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia.

3. MG Jewelry Designs

Michael Glendenning founded MG Jewellery Designs in 2008, a family-owned and operated business.

His team of professional jewelers draws on over a century of experience in the field to create the most stunning jewelry for any event, clothing, or personal style. They have been manufacturing jewelry for over 60 years.

Unlike other jewelers who force you to choose from what they’ve previously mass-produced, you interact directly with their team of in-house jewelers at MG Jewellery Designs.

Their company is unique because it houses a design studio, a workshop, and a retail location all under one roof. This has the advantage of allowing them to offer custom-made jewelry to your specifications in the shortest amount of time while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Their jewelers are professionals in handcrafted engagement rings, earrings, and wedding bands, all of which are created using computer-aided design software.

Furthermore, their customers can purchase loose diamonds at exceptional workshop pricing.

Contact info:

Tel: 0409936468

Email: [email protected]


Address: 14 Colorado Court, Hallam, Melbourne, Victoria, 3803 Australia.

4. Melbourne Manufacturing Jewellers

Melbourne Manufacturing Jewellers is a group of highly trained jewelers, stone setters, and engravers that have banded together to provide the highest quality jewelry in Melbourne.

They specialize in engagement and wedding rings and can make your jewelry piece with great precision and beautiful workmanship in consultation with you.

As manufacturers, they can guide you through the process of selecting an engagement ring, wedding ring, or re-designing an existing piece of jewelry.

Many of their jewelers have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and they only employ high-quality materials. The price of their perfect piece of jewelry gets more inexpensive because they create it themselves.

They have been in business since 1992, and they are always in demand for their unique jewelry experience across the country.

Contact info:

Tel: (03) 9846 8460

Email: [email protected]


Address: 157 Parker Street, Templestowe, Melbourne, Victoria 3106, Australia.

5. Paterson Fine Jewellery

Paterson Fine Jewellery, which was founded in 1935, has earned a reputation as a leading Australian wholesaler and manufacturer of fine jewelry.

Keith Armour Paterson founded Paterson Fine Jewellery, specializing in opal castings and creole jewelry. It began as a small Melbourne-based Australian-owned family business.

Natural Australian opals, pearls, stones, diamonds, and lab-grown are used in their collection. They are committed to delivering low rates, good customer service, and assistance as a jewelry provider.

Contact info:

Tel: (03) 9555 9344


Address: Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3189, Australia.

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