Fashion plays a significant role in boosting your confidence, putting you on top of your game, and ensuring that you look great.

So it is natural that everybody would want to have perfectly fitted clothes, specially tailored to their size. When that doesn’t go wrong, it can be very frustrating.

One of the most common issues this niche faces is baggy jeans around the bum.

You must have had one of those days when you pick out the perfect combination of camisole, cardigan, and skinny jeans. You are ecstatic to pull off a great outfit and take many pictures.

However, as soon as you turn around – there it is! Your jeans are hanging off your hips, and there is nothing less attractive.

Jeans baggy around the bum is a genuine problem, and this article will discuss why that happens and what you can do to fix it.

How Do You Fix Baggy Butt Jeans?

Sometimes, finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in every area is an impossible task.

In this case, some people turn towards altering the jeans, and some are too lazy or busy to do anything about it. But don’t lose hope just yet!

With this simple technique of turning your jeans inside, you can achieve the perfect fitting you aim for. Let’s go through this solution step by step.

Step # 01: The first step is to wear the jeans inside out and start pinning the outer seams of the pants legs (both of them) from the hip and then pinning downwards.

You need to consider the descending motion of pinning and the amount of fabric you take. It is essential to take sufficient material to ensure that you follow all curves. You need to hug your curves with the pins.

As soon as you pin the curves, you will notice that the pants already fit more than before.

Step # 02: Now, it’s time to take off the jeans, but it’s essential to be careful during this step so that the pins don’t end up poking and hurting you.

In this step, you need to stitch precisely down the line where the pins are attached. You can do this either by a sewing machine or by hand.

When you are sewed the pants along the pinned line, you will see a massive difference between the before and after shots of the jeans.

It will now hug all your curves in all the right places.

The jeans won’t be baggy around the bum, and you will feel a lot more comfortable with the slender shape of the jeans. It is a relief not to pull up the jeans every 5 minutes.

Why Are My Jeans Baggy at the Butt?

It is crucial to find jeans that don’t make you feel conscious of your butt all the time.

Nobody likes ill-fitted jeans and hence it is so worth the hassle to find jeans that hug all your curves in the right places.

Why are your jeans sometimes baggy around the butt?

The most probable explanation is that you got a bigger size that doesn’t fit you.

You may have a flat bottom, which means finding jeans that fit your butt and thighs perfectly can be extremely difficult.

How Should Jeans Fit Around the Butt?

So how can you tell that the jeans you got are actually “fit”? See if the jeans are hugging your waist.

For a pair of jeans to fit, you need to see if the jeans’ waistband is secure around the waist.

If it is sliding down or cutting into your flesh, you have the wrong fit.

If you need a belt to keep your jeans from falling, the chances are that you have a bigger size than needed.

You can check a pair of jeans by checking their calves and leg opening. The first indication of badly-fitted jeans is that you would notice the bunching up of fabric in different places. Now that’s wrong!

Another detail is that the jeans would be too baggy in the calf area, and the leg opening would be narrow.

Another indicator of a bad fit is that when the fit is wrong or too tight, your jeans will start to “smile.”

If you notice your jeans are smiling – contrary to the name, it is not a good thing!

This exciting fashion disaster is described as horizontal lines that form across your hips and the frontal crotch area of your jeans. These lines look awkward, messy, and unattractive.

Something else that gives away a lousy fit is when the back rise is not long enough.

In this case, you will feel the jeans digging into your crotch or thighs or as if your jeans are being pulled down from behind. Personally, this is one of the most annoying fit issues.

If you are looking for perfectly fitted jeans, it will take some effort to find them, but when you do, it is worth it! But if you don’t, there are always ways to alter the jeans with simple techniques.


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