Jewels are a definitive way to elevate the style and add spice to a complete look. Men’s jewelry lines are known for their minimal and chic approach to men’s fashion.

Jaxxon is a name relegated within the rooms of men’s accessories, often due to their popular style ranges and chic designs.

Think of a millennial-focused company boosted by a modern marketing model.

This article explores the popularity, product range and quality offered by the Jaxxon Jewelry line.

If you are interested in learning more about Jaxxon, keep reading.

Does Jaxxon have higher quality than Gld?

Jaxxon claims to use a material that makes them stand out from its competitors.

Jaxxon uses the best type of matter such as Silver Sterling and 14k Solid Gold which are the two best metals because they don’t tarnish or break easily.

These similar materials are used by GLD as well.

Jaxxon is devoted to producing high-quality products at affordable prices. The quark that makes Jaxxon stand out is their high quality.

The brand uses alloys to ensure that its products have a longer lifeline in terms of durability.

Jaxxon has affordable prices and high-quality products that keep them on top of the jewelry game.

Their price ranges circulate around $100 and above however, GLD has cheaper rates.

On the contrary, GLD claims to make premium quality products.

Their chains and pendants make use of 14k and 18k gold which ensures tarnish-free and durable products.

What makes GLD unique is their testing products, such that they test the quality and durability prior to sale to ensure it meets the standards set forth by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

This ensures that all the jewelry purchased by the customers is of the highest standards.

Furthermore, GLD has a flexible price range compared to Jaxxon.

The product range at Jaxxon’s starts from a range of $110 whereas GLD products can fall as low as $50 which is a catch for many people on a budget.

Do Jaxxon and Gld sell real gold?

Solid gold v Gold plated– in this battle, Solid gold wins. However, Solid gold products are tremendously expensive.

Jaxxon products are developed using the most durable and high-quality metals such as Solid Gold and Sterling Silver.

The process of conditioning and development is extensive as their gold welded chains are developed by coating a solid Sterling Silver Chain multiple times in real gold.

Similarly, GLD uses Sterling Silver and rhodium to finish some of its products after coating them with gold matter.

All the materials used by GLD to create their products are approved by the Jewelry Vigilance Committee.

The significant difference between GLD and Jaxxon is their overt claim of selling and producing high-quality products compared to their opponent’s cheaply made chains that are based on stainless steel and coated with barely any gold.

While both companies claim to use real gold as the coating material, the test of wearability and durability checks out their claims.

Jaxxon’s use of 3 times coating technique makes their products durable and more attractive to their audience thus more expensive compared to GLD.

Let us readjust the question for you– do Jaxxon and GLD sell real gold-plated products? YES! they do.

Which store has better chains, Jaxxon or Gld?

Jaxxon produces good chains compared to their most significant competitor Gld. Gld is also an online store famous for its men’s jewelry line.

However, there is a stark contrast between the two brands regarding their products and wearability.

The products of Jaxxon, such as chains, makes use of rare metals that are ethically sourced from Northern Italy and later developed in Italy as well. Their products’ passion is overwhelmingly evident as their chains do not fade and pass the wearability test.

Their chains have been reviewed by YouTubers such as CubaKnow Loco, who claim that the Jaxxon chains did not tarnish compared to his GLD chain.

Jaxxon provides a premium selection of Solid Gold chains and other products on their website, hence enabling a wide product range.

They make efficient use of Solid 14k Italian Gold for their products, such as chains, to ensure the durability of Solid Gold and is the perfect color as chains go through a lot of frictional damage.

The Jaxxon chains are of great quality and have passed the test of wearability and durability. However, compared to GLD while initially, their chains are of good quality they are more prone to wear.

CubaKnow Loco talks about how his GLD Cuban link chain easily tarnished, as its color faded from the edges of the lock from barely any wear.

Even though Jaxxon is more expensive than GLD, their products are developed with better quality and attention to detail compared to GLD products.

How long does Jaxxon jewelry last compared to Gld?

The brand claims to create products that would last a lifetime; however, we all know it is far from the truth and merely a marketing tactic.

So what is the reality? We searched for comments of loyal customers and reviews posted on different social media sites.

The guarantee for the chains is 2 years, after which, if you wear it every day, in the shower, on the beach, to work, and/or throughout every physical activity, it will eventually start to fade away.

If you were to take good care of it and wear it occasionally, the chains would last for more than 5 years compared to GLD which good care would last 2 years. However, if GLD chains are worn regularly, they begin to fade and tarnish within the span of 6 months.

In a video review of Blizz Vision, he talks about regularly wearing a Jaxxon Cuban chain for a whole year. The quality of the chain faded.

However, he did mention that it is NOT a pure gold chain; thus only gold-plated; therefore, this was bound to happen.


In conclusion, Jaxxon is a legit online company that makes unique products for men. They have good quality, affordable products that are cheaper than real gold and silver products.

Anyone looking to treat themselves or a loved one on a budget should buy from Jaxxon. Even though their prices are higher compared to GLD their products have higher quality and better durability.


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