Alternate fashion, often known as Alt fashion, is fashion that differs from standard commercial fashion. It may manifest as highly visible and more creative than practical and also stem from anti-fashion attitudes centered on plain utilitarian concerns.

Alternative fashion encompasses, but is not limited to, the fashions of certain subcultures such as emo, scene, goth subculture, hip hop, cyberpunk, kawaii, cottage-core, goblin-core, 70’s core, and Lolita fashion.

In general, alternative fashion does not correspond to generally recognized style trends of the moment. Many brands come out with styles of clothes different from mainstream fashion and Yuzefi is one such company!

Yuzefi is a Uk fashion label that takes an unconventional and considered attitude to fashion. With something like a strong feeling of inventiveness and novelty, the company lives on the surprising, testing the bounds of traditional norms to produce a unique viewpoint. 

The silhouettes are aggressive and nonconformist, the colors are rich and unexpected, and the embellishments offer an aesthetic surprise that begs for a closer look. 

The end product goes through a process that involves a rigorous focus on the quality of materials employed. Yuzefi provides a luxury items at an affordable price range to its diversified clientele. Pieces are designed to last beyond the current season. 

Yuzefi is defined by a fresh viewpoint that prepares the path for a long-lasting style by concentrating on discovering everyday freshness in a familiar world.

Is Yuzefi a luxury brand?

Yes, Yuzefi is identified as a luxury brand as it provides a luxury product at an affordable price to its wide clientele. Their products are created for all seasons, not just the present ones. 

Also, their products are quite pricey too! Even though they make it for everyone, doesn’t mean they are cheap. Their prices start as low as $142 and go up to $389!

Who makes Yuzefi?

Yuzefi has a great designer named Naza Yousefi who is a talented artist that loves experimentation and was always involved in making new clothes for herself. Eventually, she took her passion forward and made it into her career!

Naza Yousefi designs her products from the perspective of a devoted fashion customer, with an artistic sense developed by her insatiable curiosity about the world surrounding her. 

Her commitment to discovering new views and innovative shapes began as a youngster in Iran, when she would create gowns from her mind, which her mother would subsequently make into a reality. Yuzefi is the outcome of her intention to continue and express her artistic delight and astonishment to others. 

Naza began her ready-to-wear career at the workshops of Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll after finishing her postgraduate degree at Martins in 2008. 

Her fascination with leather began when Sarah Richardson asked her to design handmade leather harnesses for an i-D magazine editorial. Hedi Slimane, Steven Klein, and Patti Wilson quickly followed with commissions.

She chose to create her own accessories business in 2016 with a bold maker’s vision and a fascination for the sculptural capabilities of leather. Naza’s design and construction approach are all about finding newness in the familiar. 

Her objective is to produce apparel that would give her customers the same sense of strong individuality she found as a youngster, armed with an irrepressible sense of amazement at the universe.

You can find a range of products on their website listed below that is created by Nadia, and also the other products built in collaboration with the other brands.

 Is Yuzefi vegan?

As one of the few luxury vegan brands, Yuzefi is certainly a light in the darkness for many 

As part of her continuous attempts to incorporate sustainability into her business, Naza always makes a conscious effort to develop bags that are as timeless as possible.

They also exclusively utilize high-quality sustainable materials and use as little recycled or recyclable material as possible in their brand’s packaging.

Yuzefi bags are unusual and excellently designed and are made in London which has their studio in Fitzrovia. The brand’s DNA includes oversized gold-tone hardware and butter-soft leathers in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Many experts have conducted tests that indicate that the brand has achieved the greatest levels of sustainability in all elements of its leather manufacturing. Yuzefi also utilizes vegan suede to line its bags and solely by-product materials. 

They exclusively utilize byproducts as materials. This has been their top goal since the beginning, and it influences how they design each bag. Also, due to this design approach, they can employ higher-quality materials at a lower cost.


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