XplusWear is a brand that specifically sells clothes for plus-sized women.

XplusWear has hundreds of clothing options to choose from. They are constantly updating and adding new items to their stock.

If you are planning to purchase any clothing item from XplusWear, you must be concerned about its legitimacy.

You might have questions like, is XplusWear legit? Do they deliver what is marketed on their website and social media accounts?

IS the clothing items of XplusWear good-quality or average quality? Moreover, is XplusWear conscious of its policies regarding its workers and the environment?

In this article, we have explained whether XplusWear is a legit company or not.

We have also answered the queries you might have about the legitimacy and authenticity of XplusWear. Keep on reading to find out!

About XplusWear

Before moving toward the legitimacy and ethics of XplusWear, let’s take a look at the basic information about the brand.

XplusWear is an online fashion store that sells clothing items for plus-sized women. XplusWear is a Hong Kong-based company.

The clothing market is a large part of the fashion industry and there are thousands of brands that sell different types of clothing items.

But a lot of clothing companies often neglect plus-sized women. As a result, plus-sized women don’t get to wear whatever they want.

However, as the world has globalized, many international brands have emerged which sell clothing items only for plus-sized women. These clothing brands have cute and trendy outfits for plus-sized women.

XplusWear has created a solution to this problem by selling clothing items for plus-sized women. XplusWear has a large variety of clothing items ranging from dresses to denim.

In the ‘about us‘ section of the website, XplusWear has mentioned that;

“We’re XPLUSWEAR, the ultimate fashion destination for women sizes 10-28. There are already enough beautiful clothes made for small-size girls in the world, we just want to design clothes for plus girls to show their confidence and beauty.”

XplusWear is a fast fashion company that comes up with 365 new products every day. XplusWear almost always has a sale on some of its products. They also offer a ‘buy one, get one free’ service on some of their products.

XplusWear has accounts on almost all of the social media platforms. XplusWear has nearly 65k followers on Instagram, 100k+ likes on Facebook, and more than 5k followers on Pinterest.

XplusWear directly ships the package to its customers from the factory.

Although XplusWear is based in Hong Kong, it also ships to the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. 

XplusWear offers free shipping on orders above $79. While the standard shipping cost on orders below $79 is $9.99. Customers can return their defective products within 30 days. 

XplusWear has a large variety of clothing for women in large sizes. XplusWear has jumpsuits, maxi dresses, tops and bottoms, denim, rompers, and mini dresses.

XplusWear also has clothes for plus-sized women to wear on different occasions such as formal, casual, party, vacation, and wedding guests.

Is XplusWear Legit? 

Although the vision behind XplusWear is excellent since many plus-sized people find it difficult to get trendy clothes, the brand does not seem legit.

Many customers have given negative reviews about the brand. Moreover, XplusWear has not given any details about its ethical policies.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of XplusWear indicate that you should not use this brand.

The website and social media accounts of XplusWear seem legit. However, the reviews of the customers tell a different tale. 

The majority of the customers have given poor ratings to the brand on different review sites.

XplusWear only has a rating of 2.2 stars on Trustpilot which is a review site. 65% of the customers gave 1-star to the brand while only 22% of the customers gave a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

One frustrated customer gave a 1-star rating and wrote;

“I ordered 2 items from m x plus on July 2nd of 2022. And it is now July 21st, I still haven’t received my package. I never received a confirmation email or a tracking number from them. I am not happy and don’t want any more items which I ordered for a function. But they took my money $86.72 I don’t want items and want my money back if possible”

XplusWear has a refund policy of 30 days. Customers can return the damaged products to the brand within 30 days of purchase. However, a customer wrote that;

“I never received my refund after I sent the item back and then sent them the return info. I will not be doing business with them ever again. They are not great with their customer service or giving you refunds so they just out to scam people and keep your money.”

XplusWear has mentioned in its ‘FAQ’ section on the website that they run true to size. In reality, most of their clothing items do not fit their customers.

This shows that XplusWear is not true to its words. Although 22% of the people have given positive reviews as well. But the majority of people have given low ratings to the brand.

Many customers have complained that XplusWear does not deliver their orders on time and it takes months to get the order.

Customers also complained that the return and refund policy of XplusWear is not effective as they don’t refund their money.

Quality of Clothes of XplusWear

The quality of the clothing items of XplusWear is average.

Many customers have reported that they received poor-quality clothing items from XplusWear.

Ethics of XplusWear 

XplusWear has not provided any information regarding its ethical policies on its website. That is why it is uncertain whether it’s an ethical brand or not.

XplusWear is a fast fashion brand and fast fashion brands are known for damaging the environment. XplusWear has not mentioned anything regarding its sustainability and eco-friendly policies.

XplusWear is based in Hong Kong, China, and manufactures its products in Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong, China.

However, they have not provided detailed information about their suppliers and manufacturers. They have also not provided any information regarding labor policies.


XplusWear is not a legit company. Many customers have given bad ratings to the company.

The quality of the products of XplusWear is low. Also, XplusWear has not provided any information regarding its ethical policies.


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