Undoubtedly one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands, Woolrich is not new in the market at all. Since 1830, the brand has been known for its down jackets and parkas and has been a huge favorite for everyone for decades now. 

The brand calls itself the original outdoor clothing brand and has been producing high-quality garments for travelers around the world for 190 years now.

Crafting soft, warm, and fine wool is the ultimate art form for the fashion experts here that has definitely created some historical moments. 

Woolrich as a clothing brand also has made its contribution by providing blankets, socks, and coats to the US soldiers. 

The brand was founded in Pennsylvania as a part of American outdoors. The original products here mirrored the American dream of many i.e wear the warmth and pursue your ultimate goal.

The brand started making woolen clothing for helping the outdoorsmen in the chilly and tough freezing situations out there. This line of clothing aimed to provide support to engineers working day and night in the Arctic. 

The brand is known for its considered, pure, and consistent designs for decades now. Every Woolrich collection design embodies the idea of sensible and stylish durability. Now, this kind of aesthetic is a bit understated but definitely goes a long way if you want your coat to last for more than a season. 

Each material used in the making of the clothes informs the use of the materials and how it would serve for any outdoor activity.

Woolrich believes in creating beauty by utilizing materials and how much use of a product can create a sense of style. Woolrich is the perfect choice for urban and natural environments and almost everything in between. 

Is Woolrich A Luxury Brand?

Coats and woolen wear have never been cheaper than ever. Woolrich is the oldest in the business of outdoor clothing and it is definitely an expensive brand. 

For decades now, Woolrich has had the credibility to its name when it comes to quality products and materials used in making every clothing item. 

Another distinct feature of the clothing here are the colors. The rich colors are unique and they compliment almost every skin tone. Now a lot of outdoor clothing brands don’t have this sort of rich color scheme. 

What makes this brand so expensive is the brand value it has and it has been a constant over the years. 

Is Woolrich Going Out Of Business?

Woolrich for now is not going out of business but has shut down the manufacturing process of wool mills in the US. According to the owners of the brand, the brand would continue doing business but can’t operate the mill anymore due to the high manufacturing cost of the clothing line. 

All the products for the Woolrich brand are now manufactured overseas since the news came out in 2016. A total of 40 employees were laid off once the mill was shut down. 

Woolrich won’t cease to exist anytime soon now. The manufacturing process is not going to happen in the US anymore as the materials used here can cost a lot. Still, the brand intends to launch new collections with new spirits like ever. 

Why Is Woolrich Expensive?

It is always about the variety and diversity of the fabric that makes a brand exclusive. The brand is very versatile when it comes to jacket designs. There are numerous options from which you can choose since each jacket is designed according to different weather. 

The jackets and the entire clothing line is categorized from lighter to heavier. The jackets are normally lined with a Teflon shell and also polyester that creates extra resistance in the fabric. This makes Woolrich jackets last longer for years and also look great and well-made. 

Some of the rich and popular designs at Woolrich are Patrol and Arctic parkas. These designs have variations for both men and women. 

The Arctic is different as it is made from the Ramar fabric and has duck-down insulation to it. 100 percent Nylon is used to make Patrol and has goose-down insulation. 

You can always find a 100-dollar jacket here as well. The question is would it compromise the quality? Definitely not, but this purchase would definitely lack performance. 

Investing 500 dollars on a durable long-lasting jacket would not just give you ultimate weather protection but also would last for more than a decade probably. 

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