If you have ever heard of luxury handbags, then Wandler must have hit your memories right away! Such is the power of their products that have garnered a successful image in the fashion industry. 

Wandler is a premium brand that values workmanship and quality. Wandler has a unique style that is both simple in functionality and architectural in form. Every design is exquisite, with surprising proportions and dramatic use of color, and symbolizes a modern attitude to beauty.

Wandler, who enjoys both minimalism and opulence, aims at contributing to the thrill of discovering one’s taste. The major focus is on luxury leather items, but that’s not all. Wandler is not one to perform what is expected of her, and she does not identify as a typical fashion brand.

Wandler’s natural design process and vision enable the firm to constantly adapt, introducing new parts to the jigsaw and growing the brand. 

Wandler is continually transforming into the next character and is always evolving towards the next version of itself, pushing its unique style code to new heights. The company is dedicated to genuine quality; each design is handcrafted in Italy. 

Elza Wandler started her own brand, Wandler, in late 2017. The designer is presently based in Amsterdam. Wandler releases six collections every year, each of which includes luxury bags, footwear, and ready-to-wear.

Elza Wandler developed her line to assist ladies to discover their own distinct personal styles. What began as an accessories label has subsequently evolved to include ready-to-wear that is meticulously made with care and attention to detail. 

Our edit includes the exquisite leather bags you’ve come to expect, as well as a carefully chosen collection of clothes.

Is Wandler a luxury brand?

Wandler is recognized as a luxury brand and its bags were designed to be named after friends and family members of Dutch designer Elza Wandler. 

Wandler also released shoes in 2019, including the most popular product the Joanna slide sandal gained fame all over social media in the 2021’s summer. However, much of their popularity is due to their luxurious standard of products and high quality!

Also in winters, you can witness on the streets that it appears like every other girl with an exquisite wardrobe possesses the brand’s leather boots with such an intricately carved whittled heel. 

Not to add, Wandler has a slew of celebrity followers, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Priyanka Chopra, and Margot Robbie. This solidifies its luxurious representation as most fashion icons represent and wear the brand regularly too!

Where are Wandler bags from?

Wandler is established in Amsterdam, but the bags are created in Italy, and the business has now partnered with a variety of retail partners across the world, including Matches Fashion, Browns, Net-a-Porter, and Boutique 1 in the UK.

Many of their bags have an amazing element of Italy fashion and also possess great quality. Wandler has a great team that ensures that the quality is maintained. The Georgia leather shoulder bag in bright apple green and the medium two-toned Ava tote is also available.

 Where are Wandler shoes made?

Wandler bags and shoes are all made in Italy in family-run facilities. 

Their artistry is highly specialized and sophisticated, and the people collaborate as a family.

 Who owns Wandler?

Elza Wandler is the designer and originator of her accessories collection, which combines modern, architectural forms and clean lines with flashes of color. 

Wandler’s elegant, effortlessly chic shoes and bags have gained a cult following since her debut in 2017. She has raised her Dutch business to an international level by naming her bags after friends and family, with the Hortensia bag named after her mother-in-law. 

She was born in Limburg, the Netherlands, and attended the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. After graduation, the aspiring designer worked at Levi’s Made & Crafted. 

Wandler integrated her design goals, retail knowledge, and professional sales experience into her namesake business in 2017, which she established from the ground up in only one month. 

Wandler saw a market opportunity for circular bags and finally made her debut with the Hortensia bag, which has a curved top handle and comes in three sizes.

Wandler gets its calf leather from Italy, and the colors that give the bags their distinct look are created by the designer herself. The brand is sold in over 155 stores globally, including MatchesFashion and Ssense. 

Wandler’s debut collection of ’90s-inspired shoes, offered in-store at Bergdorf Goodman, was launched in April 2019 by the Dutch designer with no prior footwear expertise.

You can find their luxury bags and shoes from the website link below. If you are on the look for some Italian manufactured fashionable products then do shop right away! There is also a sale on their website so don’t forget to see this year’s summer collection.

Website: https://wandler.com/

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