As summers arrive, so do multiple swimwear collections from different brands. We all head towards the beach in the most trendy swimsuits from this season’s collection.

Swimwear can be a bit expensive.

Therefore, people always look for sites in which they can find the trendiest pieces at affordable prices. 

But in a swarm of new brands, how would we know which one’s legit and which one is a scam?

In today’s world, even the reviews on the brand’s websites can be fake. 

We’re always afraid of getting scammed, especially when buying clothes.

Good quality swimwear isn’t as easy to find and there aren’t many brands out there that offer them.

If you’re looking to buy a cute swimwear set this summer for your pool parties or the beach day, then you’ve come to the right place. 

You may have heard of the brand “Walk On Beach” this season for swimwear.

In this article, I’ll be discussing all details related to this brand and will also be looking into whether its website is actually legit or not.

So let’s get right to it!

About Walk On Beach 

Walk On Beach is an online swimwear/bikini shop based in the USA. It caters to all types of bikinis and tankinis not only in the USA but also in other countries as well. 

It’s an e-commerce website for women all over the world to shop swimsuits from.

Let’s take a look at the details of this website.

This site has a 15 day reimbursement policy.

It delivers in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, as well as Australia. 

The brand also accepts all types of payment methods, credit cards, debit cards, or even PayPal. 

You can find trending prints, colors, and various designs in this online store. The aim of this brand is to make women feel special and confident through their swimwear collection.

There’s a lot of variety on their site including floral swimsuits, neon swimsuits, tie-dye swimsuits, striped swimsuits, etc. 

The Walk On Beach website was launched in May 2010. Their webpage is filled with exciting offers and irresistible discounts.

Not only do they offer swimsuits, but they also sell accessories, bags, shoes, and many other beach items.

The site recruits designers every year and they all participate in different fashion shows.

This allows them to grasp new concepts and trends which in turn helps them design the latest swimwear collections. 

Is Walk On Beach a legit site?

By the initial glance over their website, it seems to be very legit. However, let’s take a look at whether it’s actually true or not. 

As far as being legitimate is concerned, there are a few factors that can help prove it. 

Due to the absence of a direct contact number on the website, many people become skeptical of it.

Moreover, I also deep-dived on scam advisor and fraud advisor to check whether the site was legit or not. Both of the pages claim that the website is safe. 

The brand even has a Facebook and Instagram account with a good number of followers. Although, the reason why people are still doubtful of it is that their trust score is only 15% which is considered to be very low.

There are a few things that can help identify this website as a legit one. For instance, they claim to have distribution and delivery within three days.

They also claim on their website that the products are made using the best quality materials. 

They even have a refund plan readily available on the website to assure customers of their product safety. 

While they make such claims, there isn’t any evidentiary support to prove them.

However, the reason why it’s mostly regarded as a scam is because there have been many reports of hold-ups in shipment. Additionally, delivery out of the USA is known for being extremely expensive.

Plus, one major red flag about this brand is that its website was established only three months ago. 

But they claim on this site that they have been operating for almost over a decade now. Here is where things don’t add up!  

Moreover, the reviews for this site aren’t that great either. You’ll find a ratio of more negative reviews than positive ones on various sites like trust pilot or site jabber. 

This is what makes customers doubt whether this site is legit or not.

Customer Reviews 

While the website may be legit, its reviews aren’t. This is because many customers on different review sites have complained about this brand.

On trustpilot, their excellent rating is only 10%. Whereas, their rating for being bad is 90%. This just shows that the site is known for scamming people.

There have been multiple complaints about issues with delivery and refund. People claim that there’s no transparency on and that the website isn’t worth buying from.

They described their experience with this site as “dreadful” and “awful”. A few people also claimed that their order never arrived. 

Their customer service is poor as well. People claim that they wait for their response but receive none from the site’s end.

All such negative reviews contribute to the non-legitimacy of this website.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the site Walk On Beach is definitely a legit one. This means that you’ll surely receive an order from them if you place one. 

However, what makes them a scam brand is that you may not receive what you’ve ordered. Their customer reviews on reputable websites show how bad their service is.

Their social media pages have complaints about late deliveries and issues with returns or exchanges. 

This is ironic because the website claims to deliver within 3 days and also has a refund policy available. 

However, according to such reviews, we can tell that they don’t follow such guidelines and they’re just on the site for the show. 


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