Vintage rap wear is an online retail brand that sells graphic hip-hop t-shirts.

It gives the 90s fans a way to live their favorite musical era, and celebrate their musicians. 

So what kind of brand is Vintage Rap Wear and how has it evolved over time?

Authentic Vintage Rap T Shirts

Authentic Vintage rap t-shirts can be pretty hard to find nowadays. They are also pretty expensive considering the time that it was actually made in and is now being resold. 

What Is A Vintage Tee?

Vintage t-shirts fall into any t-shirt that is beyond 20 years old.

You can judge by the seams of the t-shirt as well as the style of the graphics that have been printed on them.

T-shirts before the 90s had a single seam on the sleeves and the hemline. 

The prints were also identified by the pop culture trend popular at that time, influenced by various movements, media, and film stars.

They would usually have a movie poster or graphic on their front and have something to complement it on the back. 

The t-shirts in the 90s had begun to stitch in a double seam line and were influenced by rappers and hip-hop stars of that decade, which can still be found now.

How To Know If Your Vintage T-shirt Is Authentic?

If you want to know whether your vintage t-shirt is authentic or not, then pay attention to the details.

The seams, the tags, as well as the brand name also have an integral part to play in the authenticity and the price of the t-shirt.


Check the tags of the t-shirt and verify the location they were made in as well as the brand.

Vintage tees were made of a blend of polyester and cotton, information that the tag should likely hold.

Known brand vintage tees are usually of a higher price, like Channel or Dickies, so it’s likely that the price will be higher than random ones. 


Most authentic vintage t-shirts are found in the US and were made there too. Most boutiques in other parts of the world ship their t-shirts from the US.

The authenticity and price of the vintage t-shirt will also depend on the store, boutique, or website that you choose to buy from. 

Do Your Research 

Make sure you have done your research, and keep in mind the things to look for in a classic vintage tee before buying it.

Coming To Vintage Rap Wear:

When we talk about Vintage Rap wear, the site has a lot to offer in terms of the variety of t-shirts they provide and the time period it covers in terms of their styles, meaning they have a wide range of tees to offer. 

It has also been active for several years now, where it gives its location and email address for contact.

However, it does hide a few essential details such as the name of the owner, which seems pretty fishy and raises a lot of questions concerning the website. 

Vintage Rap Wear has a long list of artists that they feature from the 90s and tumbles down a long era including Eminem, NWA, Tupac, Nas, and The Notorious B.I.G, all of them which were hit in the decade. 

So there’s a pretty big range with an affordable range of prices to choose from, nothing going above the 40 dollar range. 

They also offer free worldwide shipping above 50 dollars, which is a pretty good deal considering the prices of vintage tees in other retail or online stores.

The trend for vintage tees is ever on the rise among people, one of the reasons being they were exotic.

Second, they have graphics of a golden era of hip hop/rap music that still reigns over the heart of millions. 

Vintage rap tees provide the perfect excuse to recycle old t-shirts and pave the way for truly sustainable fashion that is suitable for everyone and everywhere.

The website also has frequent sales so you can get nice discounts on vintage tees.

If you want to have free shipping, order a couple of t-shirts so that your amount adds up to above 50 dollars. This way you can buy more t-shirts for less money.

Their Sizes:

The company recommends getting a size bigger than your usual, for a 90s oversized vibe and truly incorporating the hip-hop style. 


Vintage Rap wear seems like a pretty legit place to buy your vintage t-shirts.

The reviews are mostly positive and the customers are satisfied with the authenticity of their vintage t-shirt.


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