Victoria Secret is a brand that everyone knows about and for a lot of reasons. You look up any trendy lingerie designs and there you have Victoria Secret on top of everything. 

Victoria Secret is the biggest and the most popular intimates selling brand in the world. If you want to wear something that fits you perfectly and is also highly fashion-inspired, Victoria Secret is the place you need to be. 

The fashion-inspired collections here include panties, lingerie, signature bras, athleisure and casual sleepwear, and also some of the best body care products and fragrances. 

Roy Raymond was an American businessman who founded the brand Victoria Secret back in 1977.

Raymond was not really fond of going to stores and buying intimates for his wife so he decided to come up with something that would be more enjoyable for men to shop for. 

The aim at first of this brand was to make sure how men would perceive the idea of lingerie shopping and how it can be made comfortable. This did create a lot of buzz for the brand but was also quite problematic. 

The brand did start to make millions by 1982 but also had some financial issues and this is where Les Wexner came to the brand’s rescue.

Soon the founder of L Brands, Les Wexner owned Victoria Secret which included six stores and a catalog for a whopping 1 million dollars. 

In 1990 Victoria Secret became the biggest fashion lingerie retailer with more than 350 stores and the annual going up to 1 billion dollars.

The brand really started to work hard on its image as a trendsetter and then the world witnessed the first-ever annual fashion show by Victoria Secret in 1995. 

The show was run by Ed Razek, who was very particular about the brand image and did make it the high brand that it is.

The creative team of L Brands was responsible for handpicking models which launched the careers of many models like Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, and Heidi Klum. 

In 1999 the runway show of Victoria Secret aired for the first time and due to so many people tuning in, the site crashed. This brand was an immense success and the show did double its profits for the brand. 

Is Victoria Secret A Luxury Brand?

Victoria Secret is definitely a luxury brand for lingerie and it is for a reason. Other than your casual bras, the use of expensive materials in it really made these statements. 

There is a line introduced by the brand called Fantasy Bras and these are worth millions of dollars. The extremely expensive bra that you could find here was sold at 15 million dollars and was also a limited edition. 

Gisele Bundchen was the one who modelled for this Fantasy Bras. The brand also had a group of exclusive models called the “Angels” that were the ones who got to wear fantasy bras every single year. 

Is Victoria Secret A Lifestyle Brand?

It definitely used to be a lifestyle brand for a lot of women around the world. And with a fashion show every single year it became a cultural phenomenon for people who wanted to look amazing in the intimate line by the brand. 

Is Victoria Secret Still Popular?

Not so much since the customers are losing interest in the unrealistic body image portrayed by the brand. The brand has been in the news for many sexist and oppressive remarks about feminism which was not received in a good way by the public. 

The shares of the company are down to 4 percent now and the stocks here have also fallen up to 20 percent in the past six months. The brand is trying to include more body positivity and gender inclusivity in the brand’s mission of giving the best shopping experience to the consumers. 

Is Victoria Secret Perfume A Luxury Brand?

Victoria Secret is definitely an expensive and luxury brand and the same goes for the beauty line of the brand. Even though the fragrances here are exquisite, the prices are definitely high as compared to your normal perfumes. 

So you might want to step aside a noticeable amount like more than 300 dollars for fragrances by Victoria Secret. 

Once a high-end luxury brand, Victoria Secret has kind of lost its charm in the lingerie game. It is trying to make it up to people by giving more inclusive and diverse options with the recent collections. 

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