You know the kinds of brands that are always in fashion news highlights since they are way too controversial, yes it is going to be Valentino for today. Valentino has had a mixed image from the very beginning and has been labeled as a copy brand a lot of times.

Not as much a luxury as the founder of this brand wanted this brand to be, it got a lot of other names instead. Mario Valentino, an Italian designer, founded his fashion label in 1952 in Italy.

He began to sell his brand to people by marketing leather goods and footwear. From the moment this brand was founded to some years forward it had a good solid reputation. 

Then appeared a man in 1962 who went by the name Valentino Garavani and he wanted to start his own Italian fashion brand. The founder of the brand really wanted to make his brand name number one and luxury in the fashion world.

Later on, his brand succeeded and was named a luxury brand in the fashion industry. 

Now having two brands with the same name confused the consumers a whole lot and they were not sure from which brand to shop. This also raised concerns about the quality of the products and services overall for both similar brands.

So an agreement was signed by both brands in 1979. The two brands could operate under the same name without changing the products, quality, and even how the label was being marketed. 

Now Mario Valentino’s brand sells its products above the retail price but that is certainly nothing in comparison to the luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. 

The brand started to copy the Valentino Garavani brand and it almost started to look like an imitation of the latter one. The founder of Mario Valentino was worried that the consumers would no longer consider the brand’s products. 

Is Valentino A Luxury Brand?

You can’t really call Mario Valentino’s brand a luxury brand but the Valentino Garavani brand is definitely recognized as a luxury brand. The prices here start from 1000 dollars and these keep climbing up to 30k dollars easily for expensive pieces.

The products here are really unique and consumers know when they are buying a Valentino product and how legitimate it is. 

The brand is popular for its handbags and signature red gowns. You can see numerous celebrities wearing this one on the red carpet and at award functions. 

The selection of luxury shoes here is huge and you can find many unique designs as well. The high fashion style of this brand can be spotted from a far distance and it keeps making consumers come back again.

The brand is definitely more than a clothing line for people as it is well respected and since celebrities can be spotted wearing it every now and then, it is definitely a luxury brand. 

Are Valentino Watches Any Good?

The brand has been a luxury for many years now and it definitely helps that the founder of this brand is friends with influential celebs and people in society.

The watch collection by the brand tends to surpass the excellence point. These watches are manufactured with a great level of sophisticated craftsmanship and are marketed as the Valentino Timeless collection.

The designer here wanted the watches to have an impeccable style and top handmade quality as well. When you look at them, these watches look like a piece of art and who wouldn’t want that.

Each watch in the collection is polished style, handcrafted, and would deliver the luxury look and feel you want to acquire. 

When you pair these watches with a sophisticated dress it gives you a polished finish. You can see many labels going for a watch collection in their products but no one does it like Valentino.

These have a classic and timeless look and to this date have been living up to the luxury potential. 

Should You Be Buying From Valentino?

There are definitely many controversies surrounding this brand and still, there are people who are skeptical of buying from this brand. Valentino Garavani has definitely built a strong and reliable reputation in the luxury world with his brand despite the drama.

You definitely don’t have to fall under the pressure of luxury and the fact you must have it. The brand is definitely expensive and luxurious so the prices here are very well explained.

Each and every product here is made with high-quality materials and methods so there is no doubt there at all. Celebrities are definitely a solid source of marketing a product and if you feel inspired or are a big fan of any celeb wearing Valentino, then go ahead and make the purchase.

But you definitely can buy a lot more affordable options that are high quality and look great as well. Plus there are very sustainable practices displayed by Valentino so you might as well go for the options that do give that kind of information before the purchase.

Bags here are definitely more popular in the accessories section so you might want to check it out. There is this Divina shoulder bag that comes with an elegant silhouette.

The inspiration for this bag was derived from the Girasole Flowers. So basically, what you get here is almost everything inspired by delicate and natural objects but then it all becomes a luxury. 

You can check out the latest collection of this brand on the website or at the physical stores. There is always an annual sale so do remember to catch that for some elegant pieces in your wardrobe as well.

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