Valentino is the kind of brand from which you can expect luxury both quality and money-wise. It is an expensive brand and it is known for the expensive dresses, accessories and not to mention our topic for the day, Valentino bags. 

There are two brands with a similar name, one is called Mario Valentino and one is Garavani Valentino. Mario Valentino is not necessarily that expensive and the prices are very approachable for many people.

Garavani on the other hand is not affordable for many and that is why the bags here are way too expensive and luxury-like. People have been confused about the fact that Mario Valentino is a rip-off version of Garavani and that is true to some extent as well.

Mario was accused of copying the designs by Garavani many times and since the prices here are nothing more than retail people don’t consider it prestigious. The quality is not up there with this one as compared to Garavani either so the difference is pretty clear.

Does Valentino Have Good Bags?

Firstly you need to be sure that from which Valentino you are going to get a bag. Since the two brands are totally different and most importantly if you are getting a bag from a retail store then that is going to be Mario for sure. 

Not that it is a bad thing or fake, Mario Valentino bags are also available online at different stores and you can always find them at different retailers. Garavani handbags are way too expensive and you can tell the brand by just looking at the prices.

The bags at this luxury Italian brand are made from high-end materials and you can see many celebs walking with them almost anywhere. You won’t ever regret investing in these bags as they do look expensive and you would be noticed clearly once you start carrying the bag from this one. 

Many of these bags have leather used in them so there is no chance that you would be getting them damaged anytime soon. With the unique designs and colours of these bags, they can look classy and high fashion at the same time.

It can be a bit of a stretch to add them to your wardrobe but if you cannot, then you can always go for the Mario version, where you do get an imitation of the real one.

Difference Between Expensive & Luxury?

Luxury brands are mostly explicitly exclusive and signature for the kind and not many people can afford them. You rarely see any sales or discounts happening of luxury brands like Hermes or Dior because it kind of damages the reputation of luxury that these brands hold. 

The quality of the materials used in the bags here and other products is almost rare to find like for example Hermes bags. One of Hermes’ bags is made from white crocodile skin which is rare to find and that bag costs more than 100 grand easily.

There are only a few people in the world who own these bags and you simply just can not walk into a Hermes store and get a bag. You have to book an appointment and then when it is your turn you get to have a meeting with the management and then you get the bag. 

These bags are easily more than 50 grand and that is just the starting price. For being expensive, the experience doesn’t have to be extravagant and most of the time it is just the hype of the product that raises the price.

Even at affordable brands, you get to see products that are expensive but only in comparison to the other products there. So if you get an expensive bag at Mario Valentino then definitely it is going to be expensive but again in comparison to what you get to see here generally.

Garavani on the other hand can have the prices go from 1500 dollars to 30 grand easily. And that is why this brand is called luxury for every product you see here.

Should You Really Get A Valentino Bag?

Owning a luxury piece of clothing or accessories is more like a personal preference and no one should ever feel pressured to do so. 

You can easily get the knock-offs of this brand like at Mario but if you don’t like it that way there are affordable options that give quality and style both to their customers.

But if you are a true fan then you know where you want to head for your next purchase. Make sure that you check the brand carefully while you shop for the original because other than Mario, there are other fake sellers as well.

You can always tell the original stuff by looking at the way the bags at Garavani are stitched. Some of the bags here are also handmade so that would showcase the true craftsmanship and quality of the brand. 

There is a rare use of faux leather so you don’t have to worry about the durability here once it comes to Garavani. 

To tell which brand you like the best, you can get bags from both and do a comparison. Make sure that you check out the original store for some good collection of the season and even if it is expensive, spending a bit for a special day makes up for it.

You can visit the online website and also check out the Mario version of it as it is also available at different retailers across the State. 

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